Say Cheese: 10 Cute Baby Outfits Perfect for First Family Photos

10 baby outfits for family photos

From the time you carried your little one in the womb, you were probably imagining your first-ever family photos. They’re not only fun to give out to friends and loved ones but will provide you with a beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re planning a raucous romp in the woods, an airy beachside shoot or a formal set of classic, indoor portraits, you’ve no doubt already begun to think about what everyone should wear in the pictures. As you begin to check off your to-do list and pull everything together, we’ll help you take some of the guesswork out of your little one’s ensemble with the following creative ideas for cute baby outfits. Once you finish shopping for your infant, you’ll have more time to focus on the other important details, like what you should wear to match!

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Fancy Dresses, Shirts and Pants

If you’re envisioning an elegant family photo with zero chaos, browse for a classy or elaborate outfit for baby. Online shops and department stores are full of items specially made  for these types of occasions. No matter what time of year it is, your little girl will be stunning in a bold, jewel-toned or feminine-looking pastel-colored dress with a sweet, textured tulle skirt. Complete the look with matching shiny or glittery shoes and a large tulle headband.

Baby boys are adorable in formal, button down shirts and dress pants with suspenders. Accessorize what they’re wearing with a handsome bowtie and dad-like dress shoes. If you’re thinking about the right color scheme, consider playing up the hues of the season or pick a shade that everyone in the family looks good in.

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Soft Cotton Basics

Some parents prefer a casual, comfortable look for them and baby. It’s an ideal approach for warm-weather shoots and expressing the personality of a laid-back family. If this sounds like you, cotton basics are perfect for the occasion.

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Pair a newborn girl’s organic white or solid-colored bodysuit with a skirt or skort. If you want, you can dress it up slightly with a pair of ruffled socks, a headband and booties. Boys will look great in a top or bodysuit with a pair of pants and a beanie. You can even add soft booties designed like work boots or sneakers.  

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Casual Chic Sets

A mixture of formal and laid-back is ideal for outdoor photos in all locations and seasons. This style makes sure the photos look precise and dignified while still allowing the natural background to speak for itself. Dress your little guy in a pair of khaki shorts and then add a patterned button up shirt with a collar. Checkered and plaid tops are often the best-looking for staged photos. Next, layer a matching, solid-colored shirt on top to complete the preppy ensemble.

Quote: "A mixture of formal and laid back is ideal for outdoor photos in all locations and seasons."

Denim dresses with hats or headbands are an excellent choice for a baby girl. If you’re not big on blue for your photos, you can also try a vintage, small-printed flower pattern or a cheery paisley outfit. Feel free to add shoes or let your child go barefoot.

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Winter Wonders

If it’s cold outside, keep your baby warm and happy while playing up the wonder of the occasion. A plush sweater with matching coat, pants and hat is perfect for a snowy outdoor photo. Don’t forget little faux leather boots or snow boots on top of their thick socks, too.

Feel free to play with patterns and textures on some of the clothing items. Think shiny, metallic bomber jackets and beanies adorned with snowflakes and pom poms. Little girls are always precious in furry coats in standout colors like powder pink, seafoam green or yellow, with a matching hat with kitten or bear ears.

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Matching Outfits

Be sentimental and adorable by matching your outfit with baby’s. If you’re wearing a cream-colored dress and sweater with brown sandals, find a miniature version for your daughter. Dads who opt for collared shirts or button downs and jeans can purchase the same top and similar elastic pants for their little boy.

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If you go this route, make sure the other family members in the photo are coordinating with the hues and style. An identical shaded accessory or set of bottoms will tie everyone’s costume together. For instance, if father and son are in powder blue polo shirts and white pants, you can wear a white blouse, matching colored slacks and big, chunky bracelet.

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Stripped-Down Naturals

Some families like to express themselves and their lifestyle by planning a photo shoot at the beach or wearing wispy, flowing clothes under shady trees in the summer. For these types of free, easy and minimalist photo sessions, consider having baby wear a soft-colored cover or skirt over their diaper. You don’t even need to worry about the top, unless you’d like to.

In this case, consider finding a matching tube-like top for an infant girl. Bathing suits work, too. If you’re going this route, you can easily add a little bit of extra flair. A flowered headband is ideal for daughters, while sons will look cute and laid back with a lightweight outdoor hat or pair of sandals.

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Holiday Delights

You may want to schedule your first photos just in time for the holiday season. If you don’t mind having a festive set of pictures on your wall year round, think about how you can make the most of cute baby outfits that celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. Dress up the baby like Santa Claus, a turkey or a little elf. The rest of the family can wear something similar or bring the photo together by wearing browns, greens or reds.

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Take the pictures in a pumpkin patch or in front of a large, well-lit Christmas tree. If you have a photographer coming to your house, find a big patch of leaves next to a tree or a blanketed area of snow next to your outdoor Christmas decorations. As an extra advantage, these types of images will work perfectly for your holiday cards.

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All Black Styles

Black is not only a dramatic color for family photo shoot outfits, but it also makes it easy to coordinate them. Besides, it’s an excellent shade for playing up black and white picture sessions. Such a basic look allows you to focus on what baby looks best in. Sweet little girls are a timeless focal point when they wear a sleeved or tank top organza dress with a large, thick matching headband.

Quote: "Black is not only a dramatic color for photo shoot outfits, it also makes it easy to coordinate."

Patent leather shoes match great, but you don’t necessarily have to add them. Bare feet are just fine for infants, especially in classic-looking pictures. If you prefer a more casual style, try a black bodysuit or cotton dress with a knit headband. Ideas for boys include bodysuits, as well as formal or laid-back shirt and pants sets. Parents and other children can wear their own black leggings, pants or dresses and then add an accent like a white scarf or purple jacket.

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Whimsical Costumes

If your family is quirky, go ahead and show it! Some parents like to take Wild West themed photo shoots and let their baby look like a little cowgirl or sharp shooter. Others do their first family picture sessions in Halloween costumes or prefer to wear shirts (and baby bodysuits!) with sayings on them.

baby dressed in pink princess dress and tiara

Should you choose to go avant garde, make sure you will be okay with looking at these types of photos over and over again in the future. You may also want to snap a formal picture or two in classic jean and t-shirt outfits, just in case. Whatever you select, infants look adorable in nearly any themed ensemble, so you really can’t go wrong. Just be sure that what you choose is comfortable and loose-fitting enough for them to stay quiet and content throughout your picture session.

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Dress and Leggings Sets

While boys are fun to dress up, you can find more variation when shopping for baby girl outfits. One of the most classic photo shoot styles is the dress and leggings set. Choose from polka dot, flowered and heart print tops with bow accents on the chest, collar or waist. The set may come with a solid matching pair of leggings or feature some with a tiny print. If you’re going for a bold look, you can even find outfits in leopard print, buffalo plaid and Dalmatian print.

The best colors for the winter season include black, red and dark blue. You can also go with gold, silver or royal purple. For spring and summer photos, choose from white, pink and teal. Other popular selections include yellow, mint green and cream. Think about where you’re taking the photo as well as the most essential aspects of your family’s individuality. Flamingo print dresses and lemon print leggings are perfect for first photos on a family vacation, while big bow prints with faux jewel accents say that your daughter is a princess.

Dressing Your Baby for a Timeless Family Photo

Now that you have several ideas in your mind, consider which of these 10 popular themes best fits your family’s style and photo shoot plans. Once you narrow the outfit down, start shopping! Busy parents can easily find a dress, outfit set or group of accessories at online clothing and baby supply stores. Department stores and boutique shops are also full of great ideas. If you are planning a costume shoot, ask your photographer if they have outfits for baby and family on hand. They may also know where to look for the ideal set of clothing.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the right hat, leggings or headband for your little one, remember that the most important thing to bring along with you is your smile! You’ll probably spend hours coordinating and scheduling your shoot, but the pictures won’t turn out as well if you forget to relax and show off your natural enthusiasm for being with your baby and family. Don’t forget that you can always buy more than one outfit for your infant, so you can make the final decision once you’re getting dressed.

It’s also helpful to scout the photo shoot site ahead of time so you can brainstorm outfit ideas without pressure. Finally, don’t forget that pictures can always be retaken, but the memories you gain from spending quality time with your newborn will last forever! Cherish each second of your picture session and you won’t have any regrets.

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