10 Alternative Uses for Baby Wash Cloths in Everyday Life

When it’s bath time, you’ll definitely need a soft cotton washcloth. They are the perfect parent essential for baby bath time. Plenty of neutral colors and styles are available if you are wanting to order gender-neutral baby items or want to find something that works for twins and multiples. We also have sets of washcloths and baby hooded bath towels so you can wash baby and keep them extra warm and cozy afterward. 

While baby washcloths are great for bath time with baby, we also asked parents their other uses for our soft baby washcloths.

General Cleaning

Great for cleaning those smaller, more delicate items like glasses, jewelry and more. Use alongside a multi-purpose cleaner or your own cleaning solution. 

Baby Shower Gift

Create a unique gift using your baby washcloths! Whether you wrap your washcloths into a diaper cake, bouquet or cupcakes—have some fun with your practical baby shower gift presentation. You can also pair with our coordinating baby bath sets & baby bath wraps.

Reusable Baby Diaper Wipes

For those wanting to either save money or instill a sustainable practice (or both), we recommend using our baby washcloths as reusable baby wipes. Another perk? No sewing required. Stock up and purchase a stash of washcloths to have a few dozen on hand. We recommend having about 36 cloths total. Laundry day stays simple for you with the machine wash and dry fabric. Just toss these into the wash with the rest of the easy-care items for a hassle-free cleaning.

Reusable Disinfectant Wipes

Similar to the use above, you can use your baby washcloth as disinfectant wipes for toys and more in your home. We recommend having about 26 washcloths available for this everyday use. And yes, they are machine washable! 

Makeup Remover Cloth

Our washcloths are soft enough for baby’s skin, and so, of course, they’re great for parents’ skin too! Store a few cloths in your skincare bag to wash your face. 

Pump Cleaning Rag

If you prefer to have dedicated cleaning cloths for your pumping parts, then we suggest using our washcloths since they are the perfect size to clean the nooks and crannies of your breast pump parts.

Breastmilk Wipes

You can also keep some nearby when pumping to help clean drips of milk from yourself and the pump. We recommend cleaning these regularly.

DIY Nursing Pad

Leakage is normal when breastfeeding, so use our baby washcloths as DIY nursing pads in your bra. Fold corners to create a custom fit. You can also use multiples to really layer up if needed. (P.S. you’re doing a great job. It’s hard work, and we’re proud of you!)

Cloth Napkin

Introducing solid foods to your littles can get messy and disposable napkins can get expensive, so use our washcloths as “fancy” cloth napkins for your toddler. Not only can you reuse them, but they’re also more absorbent for cleanup.

Frozen Teether

Teething baby? Roll up your baby washcloth, dampen with water and place in the freezer. Once frozen, your baby will love to soothe their gums by chewing on the cloth. We recommend putting a bib on your baby since the melting DIY teether will result in a bit of a mess.

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