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Bringing your baby home for the first time is a momentous and joyful occasion! For many generations, parents have put a lot of thought, love and effort into getting their child home safely from the hospital. From the facility to the car and home again, you are sure to take plenty of photographs of your sweet newborn. The pictures you take are part of what makes the traditional “coming home outfit” so very popular. Also known as a take-me-home set or take-me-home outfit, the modern baby coming home outfits are both cute and cozy. Since they are made especially for newborns who are arriving home for the first time, Gerber Childrenswear makes unisex, baby boy and baby girl coming home outfits.

If you ask your friends or relatives, they may say the traditional coming home outfit is white. There are plenty of babies who wear a gown or clothing set to go home, but some of today’s coming home outfits are colorful and vibrant. They come in a variety of shades and patterns. You will find plenty of adorable baby girl outfits in colors like pink and lilac. Some of them include stylish prints like polka dots, hearts or flowers. When it comes to baby boy outfits, some of the most precious sets are in colors like blue and teal. You will also find take-me-home sets adorned with patterns such as stripes and animal prints. For those who are looking for a gender neutral going home outfit, you will find plenty of options from Gerber Childrenswear. Our unisex take-me-home sets are perfect for parents who are interested in a classic look for their baby boy or baby girl clothing. Gender neutral baby clothes are also ideal for twins and multiples to help them match. 

Discover three-piece sets featuring a cap, a long sleeve top and footed bottoms. You will also find 4-piece neutral multipacks complete with a Gerber Childrenswear Onesies® Brand Bodysuit, a pair of footed pants, a footed Sleep ’N Play set and a cute, warm cap. Depending on the season and weather, you can conveniently dress your baby in any way you wish. Take the entire set to the hospital so you are prepared for anything. While any set is sure to be cozy and help your baby to get their much-needed sleep, you will love that they come in accessible, timeless colors like gray, white and heather. 

These neutral outfits are perfect for any decor or photo setting. Since they are so dynamic, you will also be able to use them for the weeks ahead. Since they are both fashionable and functional, they can serve as a take-me-home set or an everyday outfit. You can also have your newborn wear them to a celebration or a family event. In addition to solid colors, you will find prints and patterns like stars, clouds and stripes. Some of the coming home outfits have adorable animals and cute sayings, which are perfect for memorable pictures. If you would like to add a little color to your baby’s take-me-home set, there are gender neutral outfits available in sweet colors like light yellow or seafoam green. With our gender neutral going home outfits, every baby will look cozy and adorable. 

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