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Gerber Childrenswear's Journey to Sustainability

We were founded on the ambition to give babies the best start in life. Our work goes well beyond clothing babies, and why every day, we take action to protect the planet so children will grow and thrive for generations to com

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We're Supporting Responsible Cotton Production

Better Cotton's mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. We are proud members of Better Cotton and are committed to sourcing 50% of our cotton as Better Cotton by 2026. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance and is not physically traceable to end products.
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We're Using More Responsibly Sourced, Man-Made Fibers From Wood Pulp

Livaeco by Birla Cellulose is a nature-based fiber that is eco-enhanced. Sourced from FSC® certified forests, the journey of every Livaeco tagged garment can be traced to its origin. Livaeco is pro-planet and helps save water and reduces CO2 emission as compared to generic viscose, so your choice not only makes you fashionable but also helps preserve the environment.
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We’re Committed to Consumer Confidence and High Product Safety

We use STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification on products tested in an independent laboratory against a list of more than 400 harmful substances, including PFAS. Certified products are marked with this label. Feel confident that your baby is wearing safe clothing.
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We’re Diverting Waste Away from the Landfills with Recyclable Packaging

Over 75% of our product packaging is recyclable, and we're striving to achieve 100% recyclable packaging and eliminate PVC in our packaging by 2025.

Let’s Work Together to Reduce Plastics

We partner with TerraCycle® and Gerber® in their comprehensive recycling program. You can help us recycle all Gerber small and large hook hangers with the opportunity to fundraise for charity.

TerraCycle enables you to recycle items that were previously unrecyclable, like our hangers. Members of TerraCycle's Free Recycling Programs are automatically enrolled in the TerraCycle Points Program. For each shipment you send in, you earn points and can redeem them for a donation to a school or organization of your choice. Sign Up Here

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We're Reducing Carbon Emissions to Preserve the Earth for Future Generations

We engage with our global suppliers and U.S. based operations to continually reduce our carbon footprint. So far, we’ve reduced emissions by 6% since 2017, and on track to reduce them by 20% in 2025 utilizing operational changes and efficient lighting projects.

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We’re Engaging Our Global Suppliers to Improve Our Social and Environmental Impact

We set ethical expectations of suppliers, assess supply chain risk, monitor environmental and social conditions through auditing and partner with them to make improvements. We also collaborate with peers to make progress on key industry-wide issues such as forced and underage labor, to addres unsafe working conditions and to promote worker dignity.

We're Making Better Choices as a Company

Within our own facilities, we've implemented a long list of simple ways to save natural resources. We recycle corrugate at our fulfillment center, go paperless whenever possible, purchase supplies from local vendors, donate equipment and furniture we no longer use, and continuously educate our employees on recycling efforts.

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The Journey Ahead...

As your partner in the parenting journey, we understand the importance of taking action to reverse climate change. We're proud of the progress we're making but know there's always more to be done. Our promise to you is to continually improve our packaging, fabrics and supply chaing to be the best, most sustainable company we can be.