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Our Favorite Pinterest-Perfect Fall Baby Shower Ideas for 2020

Our Favorite Pinterest-Perfect Fall Baby Shower Ideas for 2020

Can we all agree that expecting mamas should receive some extra love during this coronavirus madness? From solo doctor appointments to cancelled baby showers, our hearts go out to all the pregnant parents making it through 2020.

Whether you’re in charge of planning a small, in-person gathering or hosting a virtual baby shower, everyone loves a warm, fall theme. In this guide, we went down a Pinterest rabbit hole for you and found our top picks for throwing an autumn-themed baby shower!

Pro Tip: A general fall theme allows a lot of leeway to invites, decorations, and games.

Step one? The when and where. If you are hosting a virtual baby shower, make sure to check out our blog with three tips for hosting a successful virtual baby shower. Typically, baby showers are thrown four to six weeks before the baby's due date, but check with the mama’s schedule to pick the best date and time.

Next, the guestlist and invitations. Due to coronavirus, we suggest giving your guests the option to video chat during the baby shower. For in-person attendants, encourage face coverings. For the invitations, there are endless fall-themed invites you may choose from on Etsy or Shutterfly. Here are a couple of our favorites.

 little pumpkin baby shower invite, etsy

fall baby shower wreath invitation, shutterfly


Make sure to include a deadline to RSVP on the invitation to ensure people respond! 

Onto the menu and décor! Fall foods and desserts are not only delicious but relatively easy to make yourself if you’re up for it. For fifty fall party appetizers, see here. We also highly recommend these individual pumpkin pies.

mini pumpkin pies, pinterest

For the décor, bring out your box of fall foliage from the attic and bring that along for setup with a few pumpkins and fresh flowers. Autumn decor is pretty straightforward and you’ll find plenty of options this time of year. One of our favorite ways to decorate is with Gerber Onesies®Brand Bodysuits hung on twine to make a cute garland. This can also double as an essential gift for the honored mom-to-be.

fall themed baby shower decorations and flowers, pinterest 

Instead of a guestbook, encourage guests to sign a note on a pumpkin using a permanent marker.

Now for some fun—games! The traditional baby games can be easily given a fall twist. For the classic “Don’t Say Baby” game, add the word “pumpkin” to the prohibited list. This will be especially challenging (and fun) if you have pumpkin foods available. When planning for the “Baby Food” game, choose fall flavors! One fun pick for this could be Gerber’s Pumpkin baby food.

Final touch? Mini pumpkin party favors. Tie some ribbon around the top with a note thanking them for attending.

Remember to capture memories during the party and tag us when you post them on social media @gerberchildrenswear.

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