3 Tips for Hosting A Successful Virtual Baby Shower

Whether by choice or circumstance, hosting a virtual baby shower may be the new norm. Mom’s everywhere are finding this to be the more convenient and cost-effective alternative to celebrating their new addition with family and friends.

Whatever your reason for hosting your baby shower online, you’ll want it to be a success.

Here are three tips for making sure that it’s a great experience for you and your guests.

1.   Find an Easy-to-Use Hosting platform

There are so many sites to choose from to host your virtual shower. Platforms like Facebook and Skype offer free, easy to use options for hosting live streams that guests can join. There are even websites like Web Baby Shower that offer an all-in-one option for planning, prepping, and hosting your virtual shower.

When deciding on which platform to use, it’s important to consider how easy it will be for guests to join and navigate it. Both your host and your guests will need to be a bit tech-savvy to participate in this non-traditional shower. If your guests aren’t quite as tech-savvy, consider creating a video tutorial on how to navigate the platform that you choose to use.

2.   Create an Epic Registry

The most exciting part of every shower is getting to see what cute, new gifts guests have given. This all starts with creating an epic registry for them to choose from. Putting the right items on your registry will ensure that you have everything you need for your new arrival.

The foundation of any great registry is newborn essentials. This includes your bibs, socks, blankets, and even mittens. You don’t have to get overwhelmed by adding these items one by one. Simply put a gift set on your registry that includes everything that you need!

Remember, you can never go wrong adding white Gerber Onesies to your list of things to buy. Just be sure to add multiple size options so that you’ll be set for baby’s first year!

3.   Plan ahead

A little extra time spent planning will go a long way for this non-traditional shower. This will allow you to iron out all the details before it’s time to go live with guests.

Your plan should include scheduling time to test out your hosting platform and to do a practice run. You’ll also want to plan out the games that guests will be playing and create a schedule for how things should flow.

Don’t forget the important details for planning your virtual baby shower like determining a date and time of your event! Include this on your invitations, along with a link for them to join the live stream.

You should send out invitations in enough time for guests to purchase and mail your gifts and to create an account for the platform you choose.

Celebrate Baby’s Arrival in Style

Technology has a great way of bringing people from all over together for great causes. Make your baby shower one of them.

Let Gerber help you celebrate your new arrival by dressing them in style. Check out our latest in newborn essentials that will make gift-giving at your online shower a breeze!

By guest author: Fo Alexander

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