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Keep Your Newborn Warm This Winter with Adorable Baby Booties

Keep Your Newborn Warm This Winter with Adorable Baby Booties

While your little one won’t need to wear shoes for a while, you can still dress them in baby booties from the day they’re born. Perfect for winter outings, booties are also an excellent choice for keeping baby warm while you’re spending time indoors. If you want to know the best baby booties for holiday gifts and baby shower registries, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you which kinds are adorable for both girls and boys, so you never have to search around for the right style.

Gender Neutral Newborn Booties

Whether the baby’s gender is a surprise or you’re searching for booties that go with absolutely everything, you can’t go wrong with a neutral style. We love these cozy cloud booties, which are ultra-soft. Your little one can wear them while they’re sleeping, playing or snuggling. Their sky blue color and cute cloud design look super sweet with footless pajamas, leggings or little sweatpants.

If you prefer newborn booties with animals on them, go with a white or grey fashion featuring friendly creatures like owls or elephants. Take a look at these gender neutral elephant booties made with plush Velboa, which make for a memorable registry gift. Soft shoes made to look like moccasins in hues such as black or brown are also perfect for the winter months. Red, green and gold booties are sure to complete any holiday outfit or seasonal costume. Checked, stripes and snowflakes are popular wintertime patterns for family photos or parties. 

Winter Booties for Baby Girls

If you love baby shoes but know your infant won’t be walking for a while, you’ll find cute booties in almost every feminine color. Purple or green shoes made to look like slippers will make it more fun to lounge around the house on a snow day. For little animal lovers, these white and pink fox booties are a sweet combination of whimsical and warm.

Other must-have, trendy styles for infant girls include shiny and glittery moccasins in colors like silver and rose gold, as well as those that are made to look like mommy’s boots. Fleece baby booties come in a variety of floral patterns and shades of pink. Many of them snap or zip around your baby’s foot, so they’ll stay secure even if you’re out for a shopping trip or traveling in the car.

adorable baby in blue booties

Cold Weather Booties for Baby Boys

If you’re the proud parent of a baby boy, you’ll be excited to know that there are plenty of choices in booties for your little one. Light and dark blue are two of the most popular colors for wintertime outfits. They’ll also keep baby warm day and night. Soft tiger booties are a fun present for the adventurous little guy in your life, while shoes with hedgehogs or bears make a unique gift for new moms and moms-to-be.

When you’re searching for booties for holiday photos and formalwear, try soft Oxfords in every color from brown to silver. Grey, orange or green fleece booties will match almost every casual outfit—and your baby will love how they make his feet feel. Striped ankle boots and soft sole leather shoes are also on trend this year.

Keeping Baby Warm and Fashionable All Winter Long

While baby wears their favorite booties, how should you dress your newborn in winter? Stretchy jeans, leggings and sweatpants are all warm and comfortable for small babies. One-piece outfits are also cute and convenient for frequent naps and diaper changes. Best of all, these dynamic styles easily transition from day to night. Footed pajamas instantly switch from daytime cozy clothes to the quintessential newborn sleepwear for both boys and girls.

toddler wearing bodysuit and booties

Layer thick cotton or thermal bodysuits with sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. Outerwear that zips or snaps is best for mom and baby, since you can take them on and off without a fuss or mess. Finally, don’t forget about your child’s head and hands! This is where the most warmth escapes from their body. Winter hats like beanies and trapper hats are super comfortable and adorable. Mittens and gloves will keep hands from getting chilly. If you think both warm and cute, you will find the right booties for you and your baby’s style and personality. For loved ones of a newborn, they’ll make the perfect winter gift!