How To Host a Baby Shower on a Budget

With the power of creativity and good friends who are willing to help, planning a baby shower on a budget can be a breeze.

While you may be at the life stage where many friends are having babies or you’re becoming a grandparent, you may find that hosting these soirees can get pricey. Luckily, baby showers are not expected to be too over-the-top events. 

Here are five ways to host a baby shower on a budget:

1. Host at home or online

There’s no need to rent out a fancy venue. Either host at home or ask a friend or family member if you can host at their home.

Go virtual! For those mamas who may live afar, here are 3 tips to hosting a successful virtual baby shower. 

2. Customize inexpensive invitations

The future is now. Send your baby shower invitations via email or create a private Facebook event for all of your guests. To help, we created these free, easy printable invites for you to fill in and send out in a snap. Download them here.

3. Get creative with decorations

Diaper cakes are cute and fairly easy to make with a pack of cloth diapers. Learn how to make a diaper cake with these easy steps.

Another way to do this is to create a garland of Gerber OnesiesⓇ. Order a pack of Gerber OnesiesⓇ and hang them on twine using clothespins. This can double as a decoration and a gift!

4. Print off Games

Whether you’re playing a guessing game or trivia, easily print out these classic baby shower games now. As prizes, we suggest gifting something inexpensive like a candy wrapped in ribbon or a few, easy gift cards.

5. Make it a Potluck

For food, invite friends and family to sign up for a dish for the event. Make sure to setup an area reserved to place the food items with utensils, plates and napkins.

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