Baby Shower Games (Free Printables!)

Baby Shower Games (Free Printables!)

Whether you’re planning a traditional, in-person baby shower party, or virtual party, these classic games are a must for your itinerary. From trivia to funny guessing games, these baby-themed games will result in laughter and special moments. Ready your printers because these printouts are free for download!

Nursery Rhyme Trivia Quiz

Answer questions about classic nursery rhymes. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins!

Download here.


Who Can Finish Mom’s Phrase?

Guess how the mom-to-be finished each phrase.

Download here.


Animal Gestation Game

Match the animal with the number of days pregnant.

Download here. Also, download the answer sheet here

Baby Shower Bingo

Fill in the boxes below with gifts you think the mama-to-be will receive. When she opens a gift, mark it off your board. Get five checked off in a row and yell BINGO! 

Freshen up on the most essential newborn gifts here! 

Download here.


Don't forget this handy Answer Key to printout for yourself. 

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