7 Ways to Send Holiday Cheer to New Parents This Year

Wondering how to share the love and holiday spirit with new parents this special time of year? Here are a few creative ways to help send some holiday cheer to new moms and dads this season. 

Blog-How to Wrap a Present Using a Gerber Flannel Blanket

Wrap Up Some Gifts

Send a text to some friends to help shower your new parents in essential newborn gifts. From white essentials to sleepwear, try wrapping your gifts using one of our flannel blankets. See our quick and easy tutorial here! This cute and practical hack will show the gift was packaged with extra TLC. 

Unsure of what to gift? Check out our gift shop here.

Host a Virtual Baby Shower

With mama’s due date around the corner, it may be safest to suggest a virtual baby shower! For a fun, successful time, see these three tips from our blog post about hosting a virtual baby shower.

Casseroles, Casseroles, and More Casseroles

Sometimes comfort food is the best kind of comfort. Preheat your oven and give them a heads up you got their dinner covered tonight. Not a cook? Offer to pickup dinner from one of their favorite restaurants. 

Drop Off Groceries

Ask for a grocery list, check it twice, and grab some extra diapers to be nice. Drop off bags at their doorstep with a sweet note attached.

Pink Bunny product on baby in laundry basket

Offer to Pickup Laundry

Every experienced parent knows that your laundry load somehow doubles with your tiny bundle of joy. Offer to pick up a bag of laundry one evening and drop it off that next morning.

Gather People for Caroling

Teach your little tots some classic tunes and “Fa-la-la” at their house one evening! Not only will this get them in the holiday spirit, they will surely enjoy the company. (Bonus points if you bring a holiday dessert with you!)

Three babies sitting on bed in Christmas pajamas

Holiday Outfits for Baby

Surprise and delight their newest addition to the family with one of our limited-edition holiday outfits! These bodysuits and outfits not only adorable but will help keep them warm in cooler weather. For the colder regions, also gift these blanket sleepers for warm, cozy nights.

See an idea? Share this blog with your friends and family to start brainstorming ways to go the extra mile for those you love this holiday season. 

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