How to Wrap a Present Using a Gerber Flannel Blanket

Your holiday wrapping just got a whole lot more practical, affordable, creative, sustainable and adorable! Ditch wasteful paper this year and start using our flannel blankets to wrap up gifts for friends and family.
All you’ll need is one of our flannel blankets. Watch our tutorial to see how it works then read the full instructions below.

 1. Lay your flannel blanket in a diamond shape on a flat surface with the printed side facing down.
2. Take the corner closest to you and fold overtop of your present, wrapping it snug underneath.
3. Bring in the left and right corners to tie together on top of the present.
4. With the top corner, bring it towards you underneath the tie.
5. Twist the piece up and around in the middle showing the printed side and tuck the excess under and away.
6. Adjust as needed to showcase a bow.

There you have it! Order a pack of flannel blankets to wrap multiple gifts this way on a budget!

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