7 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

1. Unplug More

Encourage your family to spend more time together and less time on screens. Decreasing screen time by even 30 minutes a day can help to relieve stress, anxiety and depression which can help improve patience and being present during family time.

2. Obsess Less Over Cleaning

Spend less time cleaning and more time playing! Your children won’t remember if the dishes sat in the sink overnight, but they will remember the time you spend being spontaneous and silly together.

3. Tighten Up Your Bedtime Routine

Keeping a consistent, early bedtime for young children will not only make your evening routine easier, but can improve your child’s attitude, attention, memory, learning, and overall health.

4. Read Together

Whether it’s before bed, in the afternoon, or during morning snuggle time, fit in a few more books! Reading to children from day 1 has many benefits including improving communication skills, increasing bonding, early education and more.

5. Eat Meals Together

Forgo the urge to eat in front of the TV and create a habit of eating at least one meal per day as a family. Setting aside this time, even with young children, sets a precedent that allows for open communication between parents and children.

6. Spend More Time Outside

If the weather allows, get outside and play more! Exploring parks around you or taking hikes are fun family activities. If you're busy, getting fresh air can be as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood or sitting outside on a porch or balcony Did you know time spent outside, even if you’re relaxing in a chair or hammock can improve your stress levels, digestion and more?

7. Self Care

Take some time for you! In order to be the best parent you can be, you need time for yourself to recharge and rest. While meditation and exercise are excellent forms of self-care, sometimes you need to watch mindless TV, bake some cookies or even just go to bed early. Every little bit helps!

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