What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag: The Ultimate Checklist

So, you finally got your new diaper bag. Now what do you put inside? What will you need? And how much of those things will you need? We got you. Before you head out the door with baby and then make a quick (legal) U-Turn, use this checklist to help you remember everything you need on-the-go with your newest bundle of joy. From blowouts to unexpected weather, we listed all the essentials to keep you ready for any messy situation.

Side-Snap Shirt for Baby and Cloth Diapers on a Changing Table

Diapers: This one may seem obvious, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Whether you’re using cloth diapers or disposable diapers, you’ll need one diaper for every two hours you’re out. And we suggest packing a few extra just in case.

Wipes: Not only should you keep a pack of wipes on hand for your baby’s bum, but for any other little messes that may occur along the way.

Burp cloths: Because burps and spit up happen… sometimes more often than others. Pack a couple and then add a few more. Pro Tip: Our cloth diapers are also a great use as burp cloths. 

Diaper Cream: We don’t see it necessary to pack the full-size bottle of diaper cream, but a travel size might come in handy.

Changing Pad: Nothing fancy required. If you’re looking for an easy, D.I.Y. changing pad, try using one of our blankets or cloth diapers. Both will be a cozy surface to safely lay baby down and they’re machine washable.

Baby Boy Lying Down on Flannel Blanket as a DIY Changing Pad for On the Go Diaper Changes

Change of Clothes: Wardrobe malfunctions happen. Have an extra set of baby clothes in your diaper bag to make sure baby isn’t stuck in a messy outfit. Also make sure the extra set of baby clothing is in the right size as your baby at the time. Extra tip: Pack an extra shirt for yourself. Whether breastfeeding goes wrong or spit up is aimed at you, play it safe and take care of yourself, too! 

Hat: Summer? Winter? Either way, protect baby’s noggin’ from the weather with either one of our sun hats (Bonus, the fabric is UPF 50+!) or order some extra caps for the cooler months to keep baby’s ears and head warm. 

Fox Blanket and Fox Crib Sheet for Baby or Newborn

Blanket: No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to keep a light blanket packed for cooler days or colder air-conditioned restaurants. These can also be used to shade baby from the sunshine or as a nursing cover when breastfeeding. Shop some of our receiving baby blankets here

Pacifiers: If you use pacifiers or bottle nipples, keep these in a separate bag to keep them sanitary. 

Hand Sanitizer: Speaking of sanitation, keep your own hands squeaky clean with your own travel-sized hand sanitizer.

Food for Baby: Whether you’re feeding your baby infant formula, breast feeding or solid foods, make sure to pack all the supplies you need to make sure baby is well-fed. Plus, we suggest packing a bib to keep their outfits clean.

Toys: Keep baby entertained and engaged with some of their favorite toys. Introduce baby to their new favorite snuggle buddy with a security blanket or soothe their teething gums with a teething toy

First Aid: Whether it’s a nasal aspirator or medicine, include some essential first aid items for peace of mind when traveling with baby. If traveling a longer distance, we suggest packing your first aid kit.

Last but not least, pack whatever you typically need in your own personal bag or purse. Your phone, wallet, keys—don’t forget what YOU need, too.

Remember we all forget things every so often and to give yourself grace when learning all the new parenting tips. It can be overwhelming, but hopefully this list helps you out a bit.

What to Pack in Your Diaper Bag: The Ultimate Checklist, Listed Above

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