Twinning Fashion: Adorable Outfit Ideas for Twins

When you’re expecting twins, baby clothes are double the excitement! Matching sets are an adorable option, but individual looks offer a fun and unexpected twist. If you’re new to twin clothing sets, let the fun begin! Gerber® Childrenswear has so many options for twin clothes, so you’ll find the same cute newborn clothing for twins as for older babies and toddlers. Our guide to twinning fashion embraces the fun and creativity of dressing your little ones.

Total Matching: Twice the Cuteness

Total matching is the most well-known option for how to dress twins. After all, newborn twin clothing is the cutest. As your babies grow, it’s a fun way to dress for daycare or family visits. Growing toddlers love matching outfit sets with their sister or brother. Plus, you’ll love how easy it is to get ready in the morning! Here are some of your options for twice the cuteness:

Matching Newborn Sets

For matching twin baby clothes, grab an adorable 3-piece newborn set. You’ll get a matching long-sleeved shirt along with footed pants and a warm cap. Try one of our standout prints to make your outfit set pop. 

Explore the Perfect Twin Styles at Gerber® Childrenswear

Totally Alike Bodysuits & Sleepwear

twins sitting on bench

Gerber® Childrenswear Sleep ‘N Plays are easy to match and make for the coziest baby boy and baby girl sleepwear. Our Onesies® Brand bodysuits are so comfortable and versatile, they’re a favorite for all ages. Shop for solid and blank bodysuit colors and classic neutrals in multipacks. If you like patterns, our bodysuits come in florals and animal prints.

Identical Outfit Sets

Discover baby girl and baby boy outfit sets, like bodysuits with pull-on shorts or pants. Our toddler outfit sets let you match entire outfits for twins learning to dress themselves. Let toddler boys pick out long-sleeved shirts and jogger pants. Toddler girls will love sets featuring dresses or tunics with matching leggings.

Similar Color Schemes

Gerber Childrenswear mix-and-match separates use the power of visually appealing color coordination. Grab a 3-pack short-sleeved pocket tees in neat neutrals, then pair them with joggers in the same style. 

sisters sit in chair

Our floral skorts and pull-on shorts work perfectly with our double ruffle tops. Bike shorts and sleeveless tops in bright hues and pastel colors will turn your twins into little fashion icons. Save on your baby and toddler clothes while you create space and add inspiration to the nursery closet.

Accessory Coordination: Connecting the Looks

Check out our mittens and caps that your babies can mix and match with their outfits. You’ll love our soft viscose made from eucalyptus headbands for coordinating with dresses and rompers. Don’t forget a pair of colorful sunglasses for an ultra-cool aesthetic.

The Freedom of Choice: Matching Isn’t Mandatory

twin babies

Matching twins is cute but not mandatory! You may decide matching isn’t for you, and as your twins age into toddler clothes they may develop differing tastes. There are plenty of ways to dress your little ones that look adorable and match everyone’s style preferences. Just have fun with it—no guilt attached!

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