Spanish Love Expressions to Tell Your Bilingual Child

Words hold a great deal of power.This is especially true for our little ones who turn to their parents for unconditional love, affection and safety. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day chaos and stress, it’s important to find moments in the day to remind our little ones just how much they mean to us! As you make it a priority in your home to introduce a second language, sharing these sweet, tender moments in the target language can be an effective way to not only make them feel special and loved, but also to help them remember new words with significant meanings. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to start learning beautiful love phrases in Spanish that you can share with your child for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gifts: the gift of language and the gift of knowing they are cared for and loved.

We’ve partnered with Binibi, whose bilingual sound books you can find on our site, to teach you a few of our favorite Spanish love messages to express to your little ones on Valentine’s Day or year round as well as ways to incorporate them as you read your Binibi books

  • Te amo con todo mi corazón (I love you with all my heart). 

  • Tell your little ones just how much you love them throughout the day and as you bond with them during the reading experience. Binibi books are intentionally designed to promote parent-child bonding and interaction, opening plenty of opportunities to snuggle with your little one as you read and let them know that you love them with your whole heart! 

  • Siempre la paso bien cuando estoy contigo (I always have a good time when I’m with you). 

  • As you enjoy Binibi’s La Playa (The Beach)  or La Granja (The Farm) books, try reminding your child of a time when you too went to the beach or farm as a family. As you reminisce about all the fun things you did during the family outing, this is the perfect time to introduce this positive expression that will make your little one feel valued. 

  • Siempre te voy a cuidar y mantener seguro (I will always take care of you and keep you safe).

  • This reassuring phrase is a great one to tell your little one as you read Binibi’s Los  Pollitos Dicen book and sing along to the little chicks song where the mommy hen finds food for her baby chicks and keeps them warm. Use this popular nursery rhyme to segue into how you, just like the mommy hen, will always take care of your little one and keep him or her safe! 

  • Pienso en ti todo el día y toda la noche (I think of you all day and all night).

  • Remind your little one that even though it may be time to go to sleep, you are always thinking of him or her. Binibi’s Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? book is a bedtime favorite with its calming lullabies, so if you happen to incorporate it into your bedtime routine, saying this sweet phrase to your child as you read or finish the book may reassure him or her as you separate for bedtime. Additionally, Binibi’s La Granja book says goodnight to the sheep on the last page, so you can use this opportunity to say good night to your little one and say this thoughtful phrase that your child will surely appreciate. 

  • Te amo incluso cuando lloras o estás triste (I love you even when you are crying or sad).

  • It’s important to let children know that we love them even when they are not feeling their best! This simple, but powerful phrase, is a great one to boost our little ones’ confidence. Specifically, as you read Binibi’s Estrellita ¿Dónde Estás? book and get to the cinco monitos (Five Little Monkeys) song where the monkey bumps his head, you can relate the monkey’s boo-boo to a boo-boo your child had in the past, reminding him or her that you love them no matter what they may be feeling in certain situations.

    Enjoy learning and sharing these loving and uplifting messages just in time for Valentine’s Day and watch your little one’s eyes light up as you share these special moments together and teach new words in the target language!


    This blog series is powered by Binibi, an education company dedicated to promoting bilingualism at the earliest ages. Binibi makes bilingual sound books for children ages 0-5 that are designed for parents to have a fun and easy way to introduce a second language at home, from day one. Binibi is dedicated to creating reading experiences that are both entertaining and educational, and to encouraging parents and caregivers to spend time with their babies through reading together. Binibi seeks to promote language development in children and to encourage families to raise bilingual children.

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