How to Dress Your Newborn in the Winter

Babies who are born during the winter season need to be kept as cozy as possible. Newborns always look cute snuggled up in cuddly day clothes and sleepwear, but the extra warmth is also essential to their health. As the American Academy of Pediatrics explains, small children are unable to regulate their body temperature as well as an adult. Since they’re more susceptible to extremes in hot or cold, it’s important to learn how to dress newborns in winter in your home climate, especially if it snows.

The following guide will explain how to protect your little one in chilly outdoor weather. You’ll also learn what you need to buy for your baby so you can keep them comfortable on cold nights. Once you discover which clothing items and accessories you’ll need, you can start putting them on your baby registry or shop for them yourself.

Dress Baby in Winter Layers

On milder winter days inside your home, your baby may only need a long-sleeve Onesies® Brand bodysuit, a pair of comfy pants and some cotton socks paired with booties. If it gets colder or you need to go outside even a minute, you should add more layers. Top the bodysuit with a sweater or sweatshirt. If necessary, you can place a coat, jacket, or snowsuit on top of the second layer. Leggings or long underwear can be placed on top of sweatpants if you think your child’s legs will get cold.

While it’s important to have the right number of layers for the cold weather, you should be cautious about going overboard. Your baby can overheat just as easily as they get chilly. Be on the lookout for signs of overheating in infants, which include pink or warm skin and a rapid heartbeat. If you suspect your child is too warm, take a layer off and monitor them for illness or distress. Should you have any questions about winter layers, talk to your pediatrician about the right dress for where you live. 

Get Baby Cold Weather Accessories 

When the wind chill dips well below freezing, the parenting experts at What to Expect recommend keeping your little one indoors. If you need to run errands or want to visit a loved one, make sure you bundle baby up with the right winter accessories. Newborn mittens are not only helpful for avoiding injuries from sharp little nails. They can also help keep tiny hands warm while riding in a car seat or taking a short walk outdoors.

Soft cotton hats will keep heads and ears toasty. Thick socks and an extra layer in the form of baby booties will help keep little toes as protected as possible. If you prefer hard-soled shoes, there are a variety of infant winter boots available.

Dark haired mom holding and smiling at her baby

Keep Baby Cozy During Wintertime Sleep

New moms are often most concerned about what baby should wear to bed during winter. One of the most popular and cozy styles of nighttime clothing for infants are baby footed pajamas. Since your little one is covered from neck to toe in one garment, you’ll rest assured that they’re more comfortable than if they were wearing separates. Plus, a single zipper makes it much easier to change diapers in the middle of the night. Another favorite option is a long-sleeve Onesies® Brand bodysuit with a pair of pants and socks. While baby’s wearing separate pieces of clothing, the one-piece bodysuit ensures their stomach and back are always covered.

If baby needs an extra layer, try a swaddle blanket or wearable blanket. These special sleep accessories have convenient Velcro straps and zippers to keep the blankets secure all night long. You can find them in a variety of materials–from fleece to cotton. 

Redhaired mom burping newborn baby wearing a pink outfit

Keep Baby Cozy During Winter

Every new parent wants their baby to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. When you have a newborn in extreme temperatures, that can prove to be more difficult. If it’s cold out, make sure you enjoy cuddling and snuggling with your child in the coziest and warmest of clothes. Since you’ll be chilly and low on sleep, you can make life easier for your family from day to night with the help of baby footed pajamas and Onesies® Brand bodysuit

Today’s trendiest PJs and bodysuits come in adorable prints and fun colors, so your newborn will look cute no matter what time it is. Convenient and precious winter clothes will help you stress less and sleep just a little bit more. It’s always a win if you get more time under the covers, especially in the chill of winter.

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