How to Dress Your Baby for the Snow

Fresh air is good for the family—even when it’s a winter wonderland outside. But is it safe to take a stroll in the neighborhood with your baby when it's snowing? Carole Kramer-Arsenault, R.N., founder of Boston Baby Nurse and author of The Baby Nurse Bible says as long as your baby was born full term, is at least 3 weeks old, and weighs 12 pounds, taking a 15–30 minute walk when it's 25°F or higher can do wonders for both mom and baby.

Now it’s time to talk about baby’s winter wardrobe. Infants are less able to regulate their body temperatures, so finding the right warm baby clothes becomes a necessity when temperatures start to drop. 

Don’t be intimidated—you got this! Just remember it’s all about layering and layering where it matters.

Why not just a warm coat? Why layering?

Glad you asked. Layering provides great insulation for your little one with the added bonus of being able to take off layers as needed to keep them comfortable.

Here’s our golden rule for layering: Layer your baby in the same amount of clothing you are comfortable in, plus one more under layer. 

We suggest starting with one of our long sleeve Onesies, leggings and socks. Then add on one of our Sleep ‘N Plays, caps and mittens. One note—You lose a higher percentage of your body heat from the head, so every child (and adult) should consider wearing hats on colder days. As a final layer, put on a jacket and warm booties. After securely buckling your baby in the stroller, place a plush blanket (or two!) on top to ensure they’re nice and cozy.

How will I know if my baby is overdressed? We tackle this question in our next blog!

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