Are You Overdressing Your Baby This Winter?

As a new parent, learning your baby can’t regulate their own temperature can be down-right freaky.  And in the winter months, it can be tempting to overdress them. Seeing as they can’t talk… How do you dress them just right? How do you know if they’re too hot?

A good rule to follow (for both indoors and out) is to layer them in the same amount of clothing you are comfortable in, plus one more under layer.

Here’s an example for outdoors:

First layer: long sleeve bodysuit, bottoms & tops, socks

Second layer: long sleeve shirt, baby boy sleep 'n play, or baby girl sleep 'n play

Third layer: jacket or coat, cap, mittens, or shoes

Breathable fabrics like cotton can be layered over easily and won’t trap too much heat. You can also keep your little one warm by wrapping them up in a snuggly blanket over top their clothing.

Three winter outfit ideas for outdoor activities: 1) Cozy parka, knit hat, and boots. 2) Layered sweater, scarf, and jeans. 3) Puffer jacket, beanie, and snow boots. Stay warm and stylish!

NOTE If the weather is below freezing or with high wind chill, your newborn should only be outside for brief trips (to/from the car, to the mailbox, etc.). Save the snow angels for when they’re older. 😉

Remember, you know your baby best. If they seem uncomfortable, they probably are.

Parents are often able to tell if a baby is too hot or too cold by the "ear check." Gently touch your child's ear to feel if it feels hotter or colder than normal.

Zoomed in on a baby's ear, radiating innocence and purity.


Look for signs of overheating:

  1. Head, neck, or back are damp from sweat
  2. Skin feels hot and looks flushed/red
  3. Red ears
  4. Fussy behavior


If your baby has any of these signs, it’s probably time to remove some layers and cool your little one down. Please remember it’s always best to consult with your child’s pediatrician if you have any concerns about your baby’s well-being.

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Disclaimer: The information posted above is meant as general information, NOT medical advice for any specific person or condition. Any medical concerns you have about you or your children should be discussed with your health provider.

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