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How Many Baby Bodysuits Do You Need?

How Many Baby Bodysuits Do You Need?

When you first start shopping for your baby, it’s easy to get a little carried away with their clothing. You probably know that you’ll need the perfect “coming home” outfit, some stretchy pants, snap-crotch t-shirts and the most versatile clothing item of them all—the baby bodysuit.

The baby bodysuit is a perennial favorite of every parent, and for good reason. The snaps at the crotch make diaper changes a total breeze and they’re the perfect, no-fuss outfit that is easy to layer during the winter. To top it all off, they’re especially helpful when it comes to umbilical cord care, an important feature that may be overlooked by first-time parents.

But how many baby bodysuits do you truly need? Below, we’ll help you determine how many you should buy, what to keep in mind when buying baby bodysuits and which styles are best to ensure your little one is cozy and comfortable:

What Every Parent Needs to Know Before Buying Baby Bodysuits

We’ll tell you right now that there is no simple answer for how many baby bodysuits you should buy for your newborn. Every parent and baby is different, and the number of bodysuits you go through may depend on the following factors:

  • How Often You Plan to Do Laundry—Will you change your baby’s clothing after they spit up or drool? Or will you simply wipe up the small stuff and only change your baby when they things get extremely messy? Depending on the answer, a parent could go through five baby bodysuits in a single day or only need one for each day of the week.
  • Rate of Diaper Changing—You’ll need to change your baby’s bodysuit if they’ve had a diaper blowout or a small diaper leak. This is more likely to happen if you use low-quality diapers, so be sure to use an effective diapering system that fits your newborn snuggly.
  • How Quickly Your Baby Grows—Keep in mind that most newborns grow fast and will quickly outgrow their newborn clothing, while others can fit in their newborn clothes for months.

As you can see, there are many factors which can influence how many baby bodysuits you need. Just make sure that you have good diapers that fit your baby, as this will cut down on leaks that force you to wash your baby clothes.

If you have quality diapers, then a good rule of thumb is to buy enough baby bodysuits for at least two changes per day. Remember, you’re going to be tired as a new parent and may not want to do laundry as often as you had planned!

Gerber Bodysuits

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

After you’ve settled on a number, it’s time to go shopping for baby bodysuits. Before you do, here are a few additional things that you should consider when purchasing baby bodysuits for your little one:

  • Baby Sizes Vary by Brand—Just like with adult clothing, baby sizes can vary based on the brand. It’s difficult enough to predict whether your baby will fit in certain clothes, so be sure to read the sizing charts for each company before you buy.
  • There Is No Such Thing as Too Many Baby Bodysuits—While there is no doubt that babies can be expensive, baby bodysuits are a drop in the hat compared to the clothing that you’ll buy your kids later in life. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of doing laundry every other day, you can also use them as burp cloths when your baby outgrows them.
  • Expect to be Gifted Baby Bodysuits—Don’t forget that many of your baby shower guests will gift you baby bodysuits. While you don’t want to rely completely on friends and family to supply you with newborn clothing, you may want to factor this into how many baby bodysuits you buy.

Two Must-Have Baby Bodysuit Styles

For the first few months, baby bodysuits will be the bedrock of your newborn’s wardrobe. Not only do you want to keep your little cutie as comfortable and happy as possible, you no doubt want to make things easier on yourself as well!

With this in mind, be sure to get both short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles (like our short and long-sleeve Onesies® Brand bodysuits). Here are a couple of our top picks for expecting parents:

White Organic Onesies® Brand Long Sleeve Bodysuits

3-Pack White Organic Onesies® Brand Long Sleeve Bodysuits Grow With Me Set

This Grow With Me Bundle is made with organic cotton to give your baby maximum comfort while giving you peace of mind. With three 3-pack sizes in NB, 0-3M and 3-9M, this set is designed to follow your baby as they grow.

5-Pack Neutral Duck Onesies® Brand

5-Pack Neutral Duck Onesies® Brand Short Sleeve Bodysuits

Add some color and versatility to your baby’s wardrobe with these adorable duck Onesies® Brand bodysuits from Gerber Childrenswear! Perfect for boys or girls, these short-sleeve bodysuits can be easily layered for colder months.

If you know if you’re having a boy or girl, don’t forget to check out our bodysuit collections for boys and girls, respectively. You’ll find the cutest, most comfortable baby bodysuits for your little one!

The Bottom Line

Although it’s probably an unsatisfying answer, there simply is no definitive number as to how many baby bodysuits you’ll need to buy. It all depends on the parent and the baby.

That being said, we still encourage you to err on the side of too many if you still aren’t sure. Few parents have ever complained about having too many baby clothes!

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