DIY Sponge Stamped Watermelon Gerber Onesies®

Whether you’re in need of an easy DIY craft or you’re planning a baby shower Onesies® station, look no further because this sponge stamp is not only cute but incredibly simple to do. Watch as we demonstrate how to make a watermelon sponge stamp to use on any baby items—Gerber Onesies®, Cloth Diapers, Swaddle Blankets, and other white essentials.

Materials Needed:


  • Cut the sponge to make your watermelon shape. Cut out a triangle with a rounded bottom and then cut off the bottom slice to make your watermelon rind.
  • Separate dollops of your paint onto the paper plate to use as your palette.
  • Using the scrub side of your sponge, cover the rind in the green paint and press onto your item. Cover the watermelon slice in a pink or red paint and press onto your item under the rind.
  • Take a Q-Tip and dab it in a black color to dot on the seeds to the watermelons.
  • Let air dry and then dry in your dryer machine on low heat.

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