DIY Baby Shoes Ornament

Celebrating baby’s first holiday season? This DIY craft is not only done in minutes, but it’s also incredibly sentimental. So grab some tiny baby shoes and a box of tissues because this is definitely going to remind you how quick your little one is growing up. 

For a quick tutorial, watch our video here. Then read the full instructions below. 


Materials Needed:


  1. While your hot glue gun is heating up, start by cutting a your ribbon to make a 12” piece. Making two bunny ears, tie a bow in the center of the piece of ribbon.
  2. With your ribbon close by, apply hot glue to the back inside of one of the shoes. Swiftly apply one of the ribbon edges to the shoe. Repeat this step with the other shoe.
  3. Optional: Write a special message on the bottom of the shoe. You could document the date; write an endearing note, anything!
  4. Hang up on the tree! 

Before you can even sing your favorite holiday song, you’re done! Share your DIY shoe ornament with us by tagging @gerberchildrenswear in your posts.

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