10 Fun Baby Shower Activities and Games

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Baby showers are a timeless way to celebrate precious children and support the parents-to-be. The event is traditional, but there are plenty of outside-the-box baby shower activities and games that can make it feel fresh and exciting. The following ideas will help you plan a fun and engaging shower or baby sprinkle. You can also use them to plan an interesting virtual baby shower. 

1. Have a DIY Gift Station 

Babies need so many supplies! Help out the parents by creating a do-it-yourself gift station. You can do this for almost any type of present. Decorate baby bibs and burp cloths. Write the baby’s name, inscribe their birthday or draw a cute pattern. 

Another idea is to help create a set of wooden blocks for the baby. You will need supplies like paint and glitter to complete this project. Give each guest their block and then let them have a few moments to get creative with their piece. Line a small table with paper so the blocks can dry. A wooden box with a customized note will help the family to remember just how special the toy is to their child. 

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Keep Baby Clean with Soft Burp Cloths

2. Celebrate the Parents-to-Be 

Every baby shower needs an icebreaker activity! Get the guests in a social and celebratory mood by having a big activity board near the front entrance to the party. A game of “Guess How Old They Are?” is a great way to start. This game is all about the parents-to-be and their childhood photos. Glue or tape up to five photos of the parents on a colorful poster board. Number each picture and then when you are done, place the board on top of an art easel. Add a large, eye-catching title so guests do not miss it when they arrive. 

Leave squares of paper and small pencils next to the activity station. Have the party guests use these supplies to guess how old the parent is in each photo. The person with the most pictures and ages right wins a small prize (or just bragging rights!). Since this activity can easily end in a tie, it may be a good idea to have plenty of modest-sized favors available for multiple winners. Make the game even more exciting by leaving a couple of extra childhood photos for exciting tiebreakers. 

3. Play ‘Which Price Is Right?’ 

The prices of infant items and baby clothing are always changing. A game of “Which Price Is Right?” will have everyone racking their brain and giggling simultaneously. The idea is to try and guess the price of popular baby products. Designate a place at the shower where you can hold the game, such as a table or a countertop. Leave up to five baby items on the tabletop, such as diapers, baby food or baby socks. Number each item so that it is easy to match them on paper. 

Each party guest should guess how much each item costs without going over the price. The person who is closest to the right amount on all of the baby products gets a prize. When you are done with the game, you can put the gifts in the baby’s nursery. 

4. Get Silly with Mad Libs 

If your guests like word games, Mad Libs is an excellent activity for a baby shower. Since it is funny, portable and creative, it is also an ideal choice for co-ed parties and virtual baby showers. There are many ways to get Mad Libs for your shower guests. The first way is to create your document with inspiration from the Internet. You can also reference a few old Mad Libs books. Another option is to browse hundreds of Internet templates to get you started. 

If you are having your baby shower in person, print out enough pages for each guest. It is also a good idea to have a few extras, just in case someone makes a mistake or there are additional attendees at the party. Stack them on a table with a colorful sign encouraging everyone to play. For virtual baby showers, ask each participant to print out their page or save it on their device. Everyone can take turns sharing their creation aloud. It is also fun filling them out together during the party. Whatever gets you creative and talking about babies is sure to be good enough for a laugh. 

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5. Play a Game of Baby Shower Bingo 

Bingo is still one of the most popular games at baby showers because it is easy to play and set up. Most of your guests will also have tried their hand at bingo before, making it familiar. While it is one of the more accessible activities out there, Baby Shower Bingo is also one of the best ways to help guests stay engaged while parents open presents. Add popular baby shower items to the face of the bingo card, such as pacifiers, baby bottles and baby clothes. 

Guests get to mark a square when they see a product opened like a present. The first person to BINGO wins a small prize or simply gets the satisfaction of being the winner. It is easy to DIY a game of Baby Shower Bingo. You can find plenty of bingo cards in cute colors online and in stores. You can also easily create your own by printing them off the computer. This game is also friendly for virtual baby showers. 

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6. Decorate Bodysuits for Baby 

Bodysuits are one of the most popular clothing items for babies—and we put them on the map! By decorating a signature one-piece by Gerber Childrenswear, you will bond with your fellow baby shower guests and help the parents-to-be start their newborn’s wardrobe at the same time. Set up a table or picnic bench outside or in a room big enough for gathering. Provide guests with a variety of solid color Onesies® Brand Bodysuits options. Next, set out fabric paints, sponges and brushes so loved ones can design something unique. You can even include fabric glue and accents like stones or glitter. 

If you think your guests will need a little inspiration, take a look at our DIY Sponge Stamped Watermelon Onesies guide. Here, you will learn how to make an adorable seasonal design from simple items like sponges, acrylic paints and Q-tips. Other ideas include making a cute pattern, writing the baby’s name or creating a sweet message on the front. Draw on a few subtle accents for an everyday outfit or make a sports-themed ensemble for the upcoming season. Review our guide to DIY gifts for a baby if you want to learn more about how to stencil bodysuits or how to use iron-on transfers. Previewing a few crafts ahead of time can help you to know which supplies to grab at the store. 

Get Crafty with Blank Onesies® Brand Bodysuits

7. Incorporate Music 

Babies love nursery rhymes. Your shower guests probably have a few favorites of their own. Help them recall them with a few games that incorporate baby songs. The first game is “Name That Baby Tune,” where the party host plays a popular nursery rhyme on the stereo or their smartphone. The first person to name the tune the fastest gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end of the playlist wins. 

Another fun idea is to have the guests write down as many songs as they can think of that have the word “baby” in them. The person who has the most songs is the champion. Or create a “fill in the blank” sheet in which everyone has to finish the names of common nursery rhymes. The parents-to-be can incorporate music throughout the party by playing a playlist that is meaningful to them. It is also a fun idea to listen to music that incorporates the baby’s name or to choose famous songs and pop tunes that feature the word “baby.”  

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8. Take Fun Photos 

Now that some of the games and crafts are complete, you can focus on how to commemorate the event with keepsakes and souvenirs. One idea is to take fun photos. Purchase an instant camera so you can snap photos of each party guest as they come in. Make two copies so they can take one and you can have one for your photo album. Have the guest write a small note for the baby and the parents next to their picture. The family will have it forever to remember who came and supported them. 

If you have a little extra room, consider renting a photo booth. Let everyone take turns snapping some pictures when they are not eating or socializing. One set of photos can be left for the memory album, while the other one can be taken home as a party favor. As with the instant film camera idea, you can encourage the guests to write a heartfelt message next to their picture. Do not forget to snap shots of loved ones together so the parents-to-be can look back on the fun. 

9. Feature a DIY Snack Bar 

Some of the most popular ways to serve food at baby showers include potluck-style spreads, buffet-style tables and sandwich plates. While these are all great choices for large groups, you can mix things up from the ordinary by having a DIY snack bar. Let the guests get creative like kids with their food options. 

If you are searching for something savory to serve, a do-it-yourself nacho bar can include a small cheese fountain and all of the toppings. Additional ideas include custom submarine sandwich bars and salad bars. Let the guests make their plates and marvel at everyone’s creations. If you have a smaller group and someone willing to cook, consider making custom flatbreads or mini pizzas. Participants can pile on their toppings while the grill master finishes the task. If you prefer something sweeter, dessert ideas include a DIY ice cream bar, chocolate fondue bar or a cupcake station. 

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10. Hold a Diaper Raffle 

A diaper raffle can help you to get much-needed supplies while making the shower even more interesting for guests. It is also one of the more popular activities for today’s baby showers and sprinkles. Here is how to have one: When you send out invitations, include a special section that explains how to enter the raffle and what kind of diapers you want them to bring. Each attendee who provides the diapers will get a raffle ticket. Near the end of the shower, announce that it is time to read the winning raffle ticket number. Give the guest with the right number an extra-special reward, such as a gift card to a delicious restaurant or a voucher for a complimentary massage. 

Depending on what your guests like, you can also entice them to enter the raffle with a huge gift basket, a relaxing bath and body set or a nice bottle of wine or champagne. The raffle gift should be something more expensive than traditional party favors, which can be given out to each guest as they leave. Some of the most popular ideas for parting gifts include tiny bottles of champagne for celebrating the baby’s birth, fragrant mini candles and small jars of homemade jelly or jam. Choose to give gifts that have special meaning or select something that you would like as a party guest. Whatever goodies you provide, the guests are sure to love them. 

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Have a Fun and Memorable Baby Shower  

Every baby shower is memorable, just like the precious child. It is also sure to be an unforgettable event for the parents-to-be. There is no right or wrong way to have a baby shower or sprinkle, but holding engaging and interesting activities can make the entire event even more fun for guests. Little presents and favors help you to give back to those who have brought a gift and spent their day with the family. 

Now that you have several different activity and game ideas, start by adding a few to your baby shower schedule. Soon, you will have created an enjoyable and memorable day for everyone involved. You may even discover something new about yourself or your loved ones as you play and create together.