6 Ways to Bond During Bath Time

  1. Practice communication. Speak or sing to baby about the bath, your day, or anything that may excite them.
  2. For older children, let bath time be play time! Introduce toys such as duckies, water-safe books, or even plastic cups and funnels.
  3. Bathe with your baby! It’s great for skin-to-skin to contact or breastfeeding. Just be sure to do so safely. Have your partner pass baby to you while getting in and out of the tub to avoid accidents.
  4. Give baby a massage. Gently stroke baby’s body after a bath to provide comfort and relaxation. Babies strongly benefit from loving touch!
  5. Be present. Make this time a phone-free zone and give your child undivided attention.
  6. Use different bath items (wash cloths, towels, etc.) to excite baby’s senses. New and different textures encourage motor skills and stimulate brain development!

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