5 Ways I Nurture My Kids’ Creativity and Imagination, With Brittany Jenkins

Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we aim to share parenting journeys of all kinds, all year long. We're excited to share Brittany's journey with her littles.

Dinosaurs love to eat cake, garden fairies grow magic flowers and unicorns live in the forest---at least they do according to my 3-year-old daughter, Mariah.

While all the facts of the world may contradict many of her findings, as her mom, I won’t. I’m Brittany, a mom of two very imaginative toddlers.

I’ve learned that being imaginative helps my children understand the world around them and foster cognitive and social development.

Young boy and sister sit in front of couch coloring
Brittany's son and daughter coloring, both wearing pajama sets from Our Softest Edit.

Here are five engaging ways I help spark their creativity.

1. Model imaginative play.

I take full responsibility in my kids knowing just how a blanket can become a magic carpet. Kids learn by example and using everyday objects in new ways lets them know it’s okay to have an imagination.

2. Create arts and crafts with them, focusing on the process rather than the ending product.

Whether it’s coloring, painting or crafting, focusing on a final result can get frustrating for kids. I’ve learned to avoid introducing preconceived notions and just let them create. I will also shift the focus to how happy coloring or crafting makes me feel. In doing this, my kids are encouraged to enjoy the process of creating, not just the final product.

3. Let them problem-solve on their own.

Sometimes, it just seems easier to show my kids how to do something, especially when it makes one less mess to clean up. However, experimenting with their ideas helps develop their creativity, reasoning and confidence. It’s okay to offer safe choices but I give them some freedom to decide what to do.

4. Let them tell their own bedtime stories.

Every night, we are guaranteed to hear about unicorns, birthday parties and a sprinkle of real-life events when Mariah tells her stories before bed. This gives us a chance to understand her interests, peek into her imagination and get a new perspective on her life experiences.

5. Allow unstructured free time.

As a marketing professional, I have days when I don’t feel a creative bone in my body. I imagine my kids experience the same thing. If creativity is at a low for them that day, don’t force it. 

Young girl and her little brother stand in front of couch hugging each other.
Brittany's son and daughter hugging. Her daughter is wearing Our Softest Edit Rainbow Sky pajama set.

Allowing boredom just may make room for new ideas.

By nature, children are intelligent and imaginative. In fact, my kids reintroduce and reignite creativity in my world every day they are allowed to imagine freely.

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