5 Reasons Baby Bodysuits Are the Perfect Gift for New Parents

Whether you’re invited to a baby shower or are shopping for a holiday gift for a newborn, you want to choose the perfect item! Instead of scouring over online lists or browsing endless aisles in the store, it’s time to keep it simple. Baby bodysuits are one of the most wanted gifts for new parents for a variety of reasons. Explore the top benefits of buying one-piece clothing for a special mom-to-be.

1. You Can Never Have Enough.

Bodysuits are one of those baby items that are always in fashion. Newborns practically live in them, since they make diaper changes easy and go with shorts, jeans and pants. They’re great for sleeping and playing. They’re even cute and dynamic enough for visiting friends, taking family photos and going to holiday parties.

When asked how many baby bodysuits should you have on hand, experienced moms say you can never really have enough. This is especially true if the parent in your life doesn’t have a lot of free time to do laundry. Newborn and 0-3 month sizes are the most popular for baby showers, but feel free to gift a new parent any size you want. Children grow quickly, especially in the first year. Even older babies can benefit from bodysuits, which come in handy on busy weekday mornings and during family trips.

2. They’re Affordable.

Bodysuits are not only one of the most useful baby gifts—but they’re also affordable enough to fit every budget. Feel free to buy a single outfit or a multipack of different colors and patterns. Whatever you choose, you’ll delight the new parents you love, all while leaving plenty of wiggle room to purchase essential baby supplies or additional holiday items.

These one-piece garments are a thoughtful present even when there’s not a special occasion. If you know a mom or dad who’s been spending tons of money on big ticket baby items, treat them to a couple of cute bodysuits. They’ll appreciate the gesture—and it’ll be fun to dress their little one in a brand new suit.

infant crawling in body suit

3. There Are a Variety of Styles.

Baby bodysuits are anything but boring. You’ll find them in long sleeve, short sleeve and even tank tops. Thermal and thick cotton styles are perfect for fall and winter babies, while light cotton and organic cotton varieties pair great with skirts and shorts in the spring and summer.

Find adorable baby bodysuits for girls in fun patterns like polka dots, stripes or mini stars. You’ll even find styles adorned with kitty cats, unicorns and cute sayings. Some of the most popular colors for baby girls include pink, burgundy and white. Peach, lavender and light blue are also fan favorites. For boys, you can choose from thick stripes, mini footballs and rockets. Or, you could go with dinosaurs, tigers or penguins. No matter what you like, we know baby will look super cute.

4. They’re on Every Baby Registry.

If you received an invitation for a baby shower, check it for registry information. Most shower hosts provide a link to a store’s website on the card. Misplaced it or don’t have time to browse? Buy bodysuits. They’re definitely on the registry, so you don’t have to worry about returns or disappointment.

Consider buying size 0-3, which will fit most newborns. Even if the child is small when they’re born, they’ll quickly grow into them. Include a baby book, gift card or pack of socks with your bodysuits for a thoughtful and complete gift.

5. You’ll Save Yourself Time—and Stress!

Some people are naturals when it comes to gift-giving. Others feel the pressure when deciding what to get new parents. Don’t add to your stress, especially during the busy holiday season.

Take a few moments to pick bodysuits you like. Once you check out online or in a store, you can rest assured you bought a meaningful and helpful gift. The time you save can go toward doing something special for the mom-to-be, such as making baked goods for the baby shower or accompanying them to a birthing class. You may even have more time to enjoy seasonal festivities or get your family ready for the holiday season!

smiling baby wearing bodysuit and cap

Baby Bodysuits: The Best Gifts for Registries and the Holidays

While everyone else is buying diapers, bottles and toys, be the smart shopper and helpful loved one who invests in comfy bodysuits for baby. Our Onesies® Brand bodysuits are made of ultra-soft cotton and high-quality cotton/polythermal blends. For parents who love organic cotton, we have them, too.

Browse our collection of the cutest fashions, which feature little sheep, mischievous raccoons and colorful pinstripes. You’ll also love our holiday styles, which means baby can dress in everything from seasonal buffalo checked patterns to long sleeves with sayings like “Team Santa.” No matter what you choose, you’ll have fun shopping—and the new parent in your life will be thrilled about your thoughtful gift.

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