5 Common Myths About Down Syndrome

Written by guest author, Tailynn Brost | Images by: Rainy Ridge Photography

Hi! I’m Tailynn. Wife and stay at home mom to two boys, Dayton and Aspen. One of whom happens to have an extra chromosome. When I was pregnant with my little Aspen, I was approached with so much negativity & false information. I'm hoping to help change the narrative and help all children be celebrated! 

Mother, Father, and two boys walk down a street in fall. Father carries youngest.

Images by: Rainy Ridge Photography

Myth #1: People with Down Syndrome are a burden to their families.

Fact: Children with Down Syndrome bring such joy to their families just like any child does. In fact, 94% of siblings expressed pride about their brother or sister with Down Syndrome & 88% said they were better people because of them. 

Myth #2: Adults who have Down Syndrome cannot live independently or get jobs.

Fact: People with Down Syndrome can and most certainly do work and live independently. In many cases, a lack of work opportunities can be the problem and a barrier.  

close up on child in flannel shirt and hat smiling widely

Images by: Rainy Ridge Photography

Myth #3: People with Down Syndrome are always happy. 

Fact: Of people with Down Syndrome surveyed, 99% said they are happy with their lives, 96% like how they look, and 97% said they experience the same wide range of emotions and moods as everyone else. Isn’t that amazing? 

Myth #4: There is a spectrum for Down Syndrome.  

Fact: Each person with Down Syndrome is an individual and has strengths and weaknesses just like you & me. You either have that extra chromosome or you don’t. There is no spectrum. 

Myth #5: Only older adults can have a baby with Down Syndrome. 

Fact: Although the chance of a woman having a child with Down Syndrome increases with age, 80% of children born with Down Syndrome are born to women under the age of 35.

Family of four cuddling on bed and laughing together

Images by: Rainy Ridge Photography

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