4 Types of Baby Sleepwear to Have

As you prepare to bring your newborn home in a few months, you’ll want to make sure you have all the proper clothing and accessories to keep your baby safe, happy and comfortable. Because your baby will spend a great deal of his or her time sleeping in the first few months of life, you’ll want to stock up on the proper baby sleepwear and bedding. To learn more about purchasing the proper baby gear, delve into our guide on what type of baby clothing to buy before the big day. 

Cuff Gowns

Another type of baby sleepwear, cuff gowns are an adorable addition to your baby’s winter wardrobe. Though cuff gowns can be worn on chillier nights throughout the year, the cold months of winter are the best time to use this type of baby sleepwear as the gowns feature attached mittens. These hand warmers not only help regulate your baby’s body temperature, but they can also prevent your child from scratching their face, which is often very sensitive in the first few months of life. Cuff gowns are free of pant legs, instead designed, as the name suggests, like a dress with an elastic open bottom for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes.


As your baby grows over the first few months and begins to learn exciting new skills like sitting up, crawling and playing with toys, you’ll want a more diverse collection of clothing that allows for this new range of movements. Add several of our baby boy or baby girl Sleep 'N Play outfits to your selection of baby sleepwear and let baby roam around the play area in these comfy, adorable outfits. The front zipper makes it easy to dress and change your infant, and the zipper neck tab covers the zipper, preventing irritation and the temptation to play with the zipper. Made from 100 percent cotton jersey, this type of baby sleepwear is designed to be breathable and help regulate your baby’s temperature appropriately.

Fleece Pajamas

Keep your baby snuggly warm when it gets cold outside! Our microfleece pajamas are super soft, flame resistant for safety, easy-to-change, and machine washable. They feature a front zipper for convenient changes with safety tab to prevent your baby's chin from being poked & irritated. They are soft & warm, perfect for cooler months.


Onesies® Brand bodysuits are one of the most versatile clothing items you can own as a new parent. These bodysuits can be used as undershirts, play outfits, everyday t-shirts or nighttime baby sleepwear. Available in both long and short sleeves, Onesies® Brand bodysuits will keep your newborn cool in the hot summer months and warm during the chilly winter nights. It’s important to dress your infant in tight-fitting clothing to reduce the risk of suffocation and the snap bottom design of these bodysuits ensures that your baby will remain snug and safe all night long.

Swaddle Sleepers

Swaddling is the common practice of tightly wrapping a newborn in a blanket to help regulate his or her body temperature and provide some level of comfort and security. Because newborns are still learning how to control their body temperature, it’s important to pay attention to how warm or cold your baby is at all times. Swaddling is also a great method for calming your newborn down in the first few months as it mimics the feeling of being in a womb. While it is possible to swaddle your baby with a regular blanket, there are many products on the market now that make this process even easier. Swaddle sleepers are designed with flaps to make wrapping your baby effortless while also providing your infant with warmth and security throughout the night.

Tips for Dressing Your Baby at Night

Safety is one of the main concerns when researching and purchasing baby sleepwear. The federal government outlines strict rules on how to make baby sleepwear as safe as possible, which includes making the clothing items flame-resistant. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, many experts have discovered that the chemicals commonly used to create flame-resistant or flame-retardant clothing can be toxic to humans. To help alleviate concerns about fires and avoid exposing newborns to dangerous chemicals, an addendum was added to the law allowing clothing to not be treated with flame-resistant chemicals as long as the items are tight-fitting. Snug clothing is less likely to catch fire, so be sure to purchase your baby sleepwear in the proper size, which also helps diminish the risk of suffocation.

Another way to ensure that your baby is as safe as possible throughout the night is by avoiding baby sleepwear that features hoods. If your baby moves around during the night, a hood could become twisted up and restrict your baby’s ability to breathe. Hooded baby gear is great for taking your baby out into the cold during the winter months, but avoid leaving him or her in this outfit during a nap or nighttime.