Learn More about Winter Must-Haves

Buying the right baby winter outfits is the best way to protect babies from the cold while also giving them a chance to join in the family winter outdoor activities. Letting them join in creates an opportunity for exploring and learning. Here is a list of essential winter clothes for babies.

Gerber® Onesies® Bodysuits

A body suit is among the essential baby winter clothes that cover the baby’s entire body, providing extra layering to keep your baby enclosed and warm. You can get the Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits in both short and long-sleeves. They are comfortable enough for sleeping, playing, and traveling, and they’re available for girls and boys.

Mitten or Gloves

Hands are also at risk of frostbite in winter, so buy a few pairs of mittens and gloves to keep their tiny hands warm. We have mittens in different colors and fun, fashionable prints for baby boys and girls.

Warm Socks

Socks are another crucial baby winter clothes item. Since babies’ bodies can’t adjust to environmental temperature changes like adults, you will need to cover their feet with socks to keep them warm.

Cozy Pants

Babies need several pairs of pants to wear over their bodysuit, which keeps their legs warm on chilly days. If you are looking forward to enjoying snow expeditions, you’ll need waterproof snow pants.

Cardigan and Jacket

If you plan to spend much time outdoors with your baby, you will need a thick warm jacket. Pair this with a light cardigan or sweater.

Summing Up

Welcoming babies in the winter requires extra preparation and investing in proper winter clothes for babies to keep them warm and cozy. A body suit, pants, sweater, jacket, socks and gloves are a good start.