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Let’s do brunch! The new Gerber Childrenswear Lil’ Chef Collection has everything you need to celebrate this delicious morning meal with your baby. This new collection of food-inspired baby clothing features stylish and fun prints that are absolutely perfect for breakfast and brunch time. Discover your favorite baby bodysuits in the most vibrant and adorable mealtime themes and patterns. You will find plenty of cute breakfast Onesies® Brand Bodysuits featuring little donuts, milk cartons, and plenty of other classic brunch essentials. 

The bacon and eggs Onesies® Brand Bodysuit is an instant favorite, with a print that features the yummiest breakfast essentials. This bodysuit has crispy, wavy bacon, sunny-side-up eggs, and warm, buttery toast. Pair your baby’s amazing brunch bodysuit with some matching pants in the same print. Or choose a complementary pair of solid-colored bottoms to match the bodysuit as part of a 4-piece baby brunch set. No matter what combination you choose, you cannot go wrong. Best of all, these cute unisex baby clothes are just some of the adorable items that are in our new brunch collection. 

Discover breakfast-themed Sleep ’N Plays for cute and cozy nights. When the baby wakes up, they will be ready to eat with you in style. Printed tops and bottoms are perfect for a family brunch at a restaurant. They are so soft and comfortable that your baby can also wear them to sleep. Transition seamlessly from play to nap. If you are interested in purchasing a convenient multipack of baby clothing, the 3-pack and 4-pack sets come with solid pieces so you can mix and match them with other baby clothes. Purchase these cute outfits as part of your baby’s vacation wardrobe or even as part of their daycare gear. Their teachers are sure to love it. You can even give these adorable and unique clothes as a one-of-a-kind baby shower gift. 

If you love these cute brunch-themed clothes, you will adore the Lil’ Chef Collection’s other prints for babies. They feature sweet treats, fruity fun, and some of the best snack-time essentials. With Gerber Childrenswear and these food-themed clothes, your little one’s outfits can be more unique and exciting than ever. Discover the perfect tops and bottoms for a family photoshoot or a seasonal costume. They are also an excellent present for those parents who are culinary enthusiasts or chefs. No matter whether you choose a baby bodysuit, an outfit set for the baby, or some cozy baby sleepwear, you are sure to delight the family and provide a cute, comfortable outfit that will last. 

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