Baby Girl Take-Me-Home Sets

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Going Home Outfit for Baby Girls

There is nothing more precious than bringing your baby girl home for the first time! You can commemorate the special occasion with a soft and adorable baby girl take me home outfit from Gerber Childrenswear. These baby girl outfits are popular for a newborn girl coming home because they are made with plush and cozy fabric. While they’re sweet and precious enough for your child’s first pictures, their easy-care fabric will make them last until your infant needs a bigger size. 

You can have the confidence to make our home outfit sets part of your new favorite baby clothing. After all, you’re able to machine wash and tumble dry them in the laundry with the other clothing baby has in the hamper. Since our sets are versatile and stylish, you’ll be able to use them for everything from tummy time to traveling. A going home outfit for baby girls should be an excellent baby shower gift and nursery staple. Each outfit here at Gerber Childrenswear is made with quality material, such as 100 percent cotton or soft cotton blends. 

These baby girl going home outfits are also created with elasticized waists to help protect little healing tummies. While you’ll have peace of mind that your baby girl feels comfortable on the ride home, you’ll also like that the outfit features details like warm footed pants and snug-fitting baby girl sleepwear. Many of the tops in our newborn take home outfit sets also include foldable mitten cuffs to prevent accidental scratching. 

If you’re looking for a 3-piece set for a baby shower gift, you’ve come to the right place! We have plenty of footed pants and side snap shirt sets in trendsetting patterns and colors. They also include cozy caps with comfy bands for keeping your little girl’s head warm. You’ll find sweet prints featuring fruit and flowers. You’ll also discover animals like bunnies and cats. Pastel colors and bright hues will help to match your baby blankets and nursery. 

For those who are shopping for a larger bundle for a baby, we have 4-piece and 6-piece take me home bundled gift sets in adorable prints and colors. Create effortless outfits with our beloved Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits and warm baby pants. We have various sizes to fit every baby, as well as unisex styles to match every nursery and personality. Plus, our bundles easily fold in a duffel or hospital bag, so you can carry multiple outfits with you as you travel. Be prepared if your little girl needs a separate outfit for photos or if the weather changes. It’s all a part of the wonder of being a new parent! 

Along with our take me home outfits, we have tons of clothes for baby girls. Shop beyond your infant’s first days with newborn clothing and baby girl clothing that is cozy and functional enough for every season. Whether you like baby girl dresses or are searching for the right sleepwear, there is something for every family. Begin with a comfy going home set and see how delightful it is to find the best clothing for your baby!

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