Working from Home with Resident Mom, Erica

For some, working from home seems to be the new normal. We invited resident mom and Gerber Childrenswear team member, Erica Cunningham, to share her experience working from her dining room table with her husband and toddler, Hunter, in the next room. Keep reading as she elaborates on her practices, tips and more.

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Do you have any tips for time management while you balance work and having your child home?

Have a designated working area and try to maintain your day as best you can as if you are in the office. If my kid needs some Mommy time or a cuddle, I can take five minutes to care for him and then go back my work task. 

What’s been the biggest challenge for you working from home while simultaneously taking care of your little one?

Embracing the reality of working from home with my family here. I have a toddler and if he jumps in a meeting, I must give myself grace. I was really stressed about keeping everything quiet and perfect in the background, but that is not my reality so letting go of that expectation allowed me to focus on work and an occasional workday hug when my kid comes by to say hi.

Do you feel you’ve been able to maintain a healthy home and work life balance?

In the beginning, I wasn’t. Since my computer was so accessible, I was always checking in. I set boundaries and have unplugged in the evening.

Have you set up a designated workspace or office? If so, do you think it’s made a difference with your productivity? 

I have a workspace that is set up, I couldn’t get as much done sitting on the couch or on a bed. I need to have a workspace to stay organized and on task.

For parents with older babies, toddlers, or older children, what are some life-saving activities that keep your little one(s) occupied the longest?

YouTube videos of helicopters launching have saved my life a few times!

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