Winter Layering Guide: Dressing Your Baby for Cold Weather

toddler wearing penguin hoodie

Baby, it’s cold outside! Grab warm and cozy layers for this year’s cutest baby winter outfits. Explore the winter baby essentials you need to keep your little one comfy, including stylish winter baby gear and the softest, most adorable baby winter accessories. Check out our picks for must-have layers for keeping baby warm in winter. Then, discover the colors and prints that you like best for your baby’s outfits!

Understanding Baby’s Comfort

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, your little one will be most comfortable when they’re in warm and breathable clothing. Stretchy material makes it easier to move around while they play. Shop for baby winter clothes with soft, durable fabric that helps to wick moisture away from your baby’s body. Outfits and pajamas with zippers will keep your baby comfy through easier dressing and diaper changes.

Choosing the Right Materials

infant in camo hoodie

When it comes to winter baby clothing, the right materials will keep your child warm day or night. Ideally, for parents, they should be easy to wash and last for a long time. The best fabric for babies and toddlers will let air circulate through the clothing to keep your child comfy whether they’re playing or sleeping. Some of the best choices in winter fabrics for babies include cotton jersey and cotton rib. Explore fleece layers for chilly nights or playing outside. Twill and quilted materials make for excellent baby jackets.

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Essential Winter Layers

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Keep a few of the essential winter layers in mind, and you’ll create cute and easy baby outfits. Babies and toddlers of all ages can wear these layers to stay warm and stylish. Start with a base outfit and add insulating layers and outer layers as appropriate. With the layering method, clothes will be easy to take on and off!

Base Layer

Every winter baby outfit should start with a base layer, like a Onesies® brand bodysuit and leggings or a long-sleeve cotton shirt and a pair of jogger pants. To make things easy, we have baby boy and baby girl outfits and sets to create an adorable and stylish base layer. Knit rompers or a dress and legging set are a cute start to a fun winter day.

Insulating Layer

On a colder day, an insulating layer will help to keep your baby warm and snuggly. You’ll add this clothing on top of your little one’s base layer. Soft cardigans and stylish baby hoodies are the perfect choice for more comfort. Sweatshirts and quilted vests can go on top of bodysuits and long-sleeve tops.

Outer Layer

When it’s time to go outside, grab a warm and comfortable outer layer! Here at Gerber® Childrenswear, we have many adorable and on-trend options. A baby quilted jacket is perfect for winter weather with its warm quilted cotton layer and soft fleece inner lining. For warmer days, a hooded cotton twill utility jacket will keep things cozy with a twill outer layer and cotton jersey inner lining. A quilted hooded jacket is one of the warmest options, with coziness from their head to waist.

Accessorizing for Warmth

baby in bear bodysuit

Now that you have the cozy layers you need, it’s time to finish your little one’s winter outfit with stylish, comfy shoes and baby socks. A pack of neutral-colored baby socks made with cozy cotton will keep your child’s feet feeling warm and toasty. These colors will match with any outfit or pair of our baby shoes, including our soft booties or durable slip-on sneakers. Caps and mittens are the perfect way to keep them warm from head to toe. It’s so easy and fun to layer your baby or toddler’s clothing for winter weather. Have fun with seasonal colors and prints to make it the best winter ever!


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