Winter Baby Essentials – Your Complete Checklist

Winter Baby Essentials – Your Complete Checklist

If you’re having a winter baby, you’re one lucky mama-to-be. (Yup, we said it—lucky.) Sure, the colder months can be a bummer at times, but wintertime mamas get to take full advantage of all that delicious comfort food, from warming soups to satisfying casseroles. Plus, you have the perfect excuse to stay inside and take it easy with your baby. Bring on the baby cuddles, cozy blankets and increased family time!

But when temperatures dip to freezing, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions to keep your newborn warm, safe and comfortable throughout the winter. Luckily, the right baby clothes and gear can make that task a lot easier. To help you prepare for the cold days ahead, here is a complete list of winter baby essentials you’ll need to keep the baby happy and healthy this season.

1. Onesies® Brand Bodysuits

Onesies® Brand Bodysuits take the top spot on our list of winter baby essentials, and for good reason! These versatile, snap-at-the-crotch garments are cute, comfortable and make diaper changes easy for parents. During the winter months, long sleeve Onesies® Brand Bodysuits are the ideal base layer for your little one. Pair a long sleeve bodysuit with a cozy pair of pants for indoor play. If you decide to brave the cold, add layers to keep your baby warm and comfortable on your outdoor strolls.

If you’re currently putting together your baby registry, consider stocking up on blank Onesies® Brand Bodysuits in both short and long sleeve styles. Solid color onesies look best underneath other layers of clothing and are easier to mix and match with the baby’s wardrobe. 

Blank Onesies® Brand Bodysuits are also fun to decorate! For your baby shower, ask friends and family to decorate one for your baby. This is such a wonderful way to build a unique and creative winter wardrobe for your little one.

four pack boys fox pants

2. Cozy Pants

Since most baby bodysuits are fairly thin, you may need to add more layers to keep the baby warm indoors. For extra warmth and coverage, consider adding a pair of pants to your baby’s outfit. Specifically, look for stretchy baby pants that feature an elastic waistband. These pants are designed to grow with the baby as they wiggle and crawl. 

Not sure how many baby pants to get? For the colder months, we recommend getting five pairs of cozy pants for your little one. Be sure to look for styles that are easy to mix and match with your existing bodysuits.

3. Light Jackets/Cardigans

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a tiny cardigan? Use the cold weather to your advantage by picking out some adorable jackets, hoodies and cardigan sweaters for the baby. If it’s not too cold outside, a cozy sweater may be the only outerwear your baby needs. Otherwise, the baby can wear them indoors on a cold day.

To avoid overheating, make sure the baby’s jackets and sweaters aren’t too thick or heavy. Stick with lightweight jackets and cardigans that work well in transitional weather.

4. Socks 

While socks are a must-have baby registry item for babies born in any season, they’re especially important for winter babies. According to medical professionals at the University of Rochester Medical Center, babies can’t regulate their core temperature as well as adults. Covering their little tootsies with a cute pair of baby socks is a great way to keep them warm and comfortable during the colder months. 

a cute pair of baby socks

Start with an eight-pack of socks for your little one. Like adult socks, baby socks seem to disappear at an alarmingly fast rate. 

Tip: Put your baby’s socks in a mesh laundry bag. That way, you’ll never lose their precious little socks in the washer/dryer!

5. Booties 

Planning to wear your baby out and about in the winter? Pick up one or two pairs of baby booties for your little one. Even though your baby doesn’t actually need shoes until they begin walking, booties are great for keeping little feet warm while you run errands or visit the in-laws. Not to mention, they’re stinkin’ adorable! When choosing booties for cold weather, look for a fleece pair with adjustable straps that won’t fall off the baby’s feet while you’re on the go. 

6. Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are one of the most popular items to put on a baby registry list—even in the spring and summer! And no, the reason isn’t because they’re impossibly cute on tiny hands (although, that’s a good enough reason to buy baby mittens if you ask us). Baby mittens actually have several practical purposes, one of which is to help prevent your little one’s sharp nails from scratching their skin. 

set baby mittens

Another important function of baby mittens is to prevent your little one’s hands from getting too chilly. In the newborn stage, keep your baby’s hands covered while they sleep for added warmth and protection. As your baby gets older, use hand mittens for outdoor strolls to keep their tiny hands warm.

7. Cold-Weather Caps

What kind of winter baby essentials checklist would this be if we didn’t talk about baby caps? From fleece-lined caps with cute bear ears to ultra-cozy striped designs, winter baby caps come in a variety of styles. 

ultra cozy striped baby caps

No matter which style you’re leaning towards, keep performance in mind. The best baby caps are made from comfortable material (read: not scratchy) and are designed to stay on your baby’s tiny noggin, even when they move about in the stroller. 

8. All-Terrain Stroller

If you live in a region that gets massive amounts of snow, you definitely won’t regret splurging on an all-terrain stroller. These rugged strollers feature larger wheels that function well in all types of weather, so you can get some much-needed fresh air with the baby.

The best all-terrain strollers can be ridiculously pricey, but we promise that they’re well worth the investment. If you cheap out with your stroller, it will probably break going over rough terrain. Get what you want the first time around and you’ll have no regrets! Be sure to look for an all-terrain stroller with features like UPF canopies and peekaboo windows so your little one will stay safe and protected in all types of weather.

9. Sun Protection

Sun protection is a no-brainer in the summertime. However, many parents are surprised to learn that appropriate sun protection for their baby is even more important in winter. The sun’s rays can reflect off snow, creating an intense glare that can hurt your baby’s eyes and skin.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best sun protection strategy for babies under the age of six months is to keep them out of direct sunlight (again, be sure to look for a stroller canopy with UPF protection). However, if you’re planning to wear your baby in the winter, consider adding a pair of baby sunglasses that can be worn year-round. 

winter swaddling blanket

10. Swaddle Blankets

If you’re planning to swaddle your baby, you’re making a great choice! Swaddling is an effective way to help soothe a crying baby and get them to drift off to sleep. But before you dive deep into swaddling techniques, be sure to pick up a swaddling blanket that is suitable for winter. 

When shopping for a winter swaddling blanket, pay close attention to the fabric. No matter what kind of swaddling blanket you buy, we recommend getting at least four swaddling blankets. Between all the spit up and diaper leaks, you’ll be grateful to have extras on hand! 

Tip: Is your little one still getting fussy after you swaddle them? Try giving the baby the award-winning WubbaNub Pacifier to help comfort them for sleep. It’s attached to an adorable plushie, which makes it nearly impossible to lose!

winter swaddling blankets


 11. Winter Pajamas

When the mercury drops, new parents often wonder, “What should my baby wear to bed in winter?” Luckily, you have plenty of options for baby sleepwear. Ramp up the cuteness factor while keeping the baby warm at night with baby footed pajamas. This pajama style covers your baby from neck to toe and comes in a variety of charming styles, from whimsical woodland creatures to simple stripes and solid colors. New and experienced parents alike love baby footed pajamas for their versatility (baby can play and sleep in their jammies) and because they make middle-of-the-night diaper changes quick and easy.

Another sleepwear option worth considering is a sleep sack. Also known as a wearable blanket, a sleep sack is basically a mini sleeping bag for your tiny infant. This is a great option for babies who are transitioning from the swaddle. Sleep sacks are also a safer alternative to having loose blankets in the crib, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

12. Cozy Baby Bedding

Since blankets are a no-no in baby’s crib, look for cozy baby bedding that will help your little one sleep more soundly in the colder months. Whether you’re searching for baby girl bedding or baby boy bedding, you can’t go wrong with crib sheets made from organic cotton. Breathable and ultra-soft, organic cotton feels good on a baby’s skin and gives parents peace of mind. Of course, you’ll also want to keep style in mind. Baby bedding comes in an array of cute patterns, colors and prints to match your nursery design. Have some fun with this winter essential!

cozy baby bedding

13. Humidifier 

We know what you’re thinking—do I really need a humidifier for my baby? Technically, the answer is no. Your little one will get through winter without a humidifier in the room. But there’s no denying the usefulness of humidifiers, especially in the winter. 

When the heat is cranked up, it sucks the moisture out of the room. This lack of moisture can dry out your baby’s delicate skin. Experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics say that humidifiers can also be useful during cold and flu season by helping reduce stuffy noses. Add it to your baby registry and give your little one the gift of better sleep, especially when he or she is sick.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Preparing for a baby is a lot of work, regardless of the season. But if you’re expecting a bundle of joy in the winter, it’s especially important to consider which winter baby essentials you’ll need to keep your baby warm and comfortable. 

Of course, you may not need every item on this list. The best tips for winter babies usually come from fellow parents in your local area, so be sure to ask them if you’re missing any essentials. For more information on baby must-haves, be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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