Why Extra Bodysuits in Your Diaper Bag Are A MUST

One word... blowout. If you’ve spent enough time around infants, parent or not, you’re probably familiar with this dreaded occurrence. A blowout, in diaper terms, is when your sweet baby has a poopy so massive or explosive it literally blows out of their diaper. While this may be our number one reason to always carry extra Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits with you for a quick change, it’s certainly not the only one.

Baby boy sitting on floor in a grey striped lion motif outfit

While we’re on the topic of messes, let’s go ahead and get spit-up out of the way too. Some babies may rarely spit up while others may spit up after every meal or more. Having extra bodysuits with you while you’re on the go ensures a comfy, easy outfit change. Oh, and don’t forget to toss some burp cloths and baby bibs in your bag with an extra shirt for yourself too!

Little baby girl with pink bow in her hair and wearing a pink outfit that says "Love"

Sometimes dressing a newborn for the weather can be bit tricky. Will they be too warm, too cool? Packing extra short sleeve bodysuits or long sleeve bodysuits, depending on the season, can be a great way to keep your baby comfy. If they’re getting chilled, add one as an underlayer. If they’re too warm, change them into a short sleeve (or tank!) bodysuit with no other layers.

Brown skinned baby with dark eyes crawling on aqua blue floor and wearing a blanket on their head

Naps are life, right? Well, they certainly are key to keeping your baby fuss-free. If you’re out running errands and it takes longer than you thought, your baby might need to nap in the car. Or if you’re out showing your little one off to your friends dressed in their best, that can be totally exhausting. The point being you always want to keep a comfy change of clothes around in case your baby needs a nap. Let’s face it, some of those cute baby outfits we love aren’t the best for sleep. Onesies® bodysuits on the other hand… comfy as it gets.

Six baby Onesies® bodysuits with various patterns lying on a gray background.

We’ve given you just a small handful of the many reasons to always carry bodysuits with you, but let’s take a minute to talk about why Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits are so essential. Each bodysuit features an expandable lap shoulder neckline. This design allows for the garment to comfortably slip overtop baby’s head or from the feet up to dress, and it also allows you to slip the garment down over baby’s body. The latter is especially helpful to keep messes off your child’s face and hair when changing. They also feature snaps that are higher in the front that help for easier, faster changes. Last but not least, they’re made with super soft cotton fabrics that are breathable and gentle on your little one’s skin. Plus, they’re easy-care for you!

Ready to stock up on bodysuits yet? We’ve got you covered here.


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