What to Write in a Baby Shower Card

Today’s most memorable baby showers are anything but traditional. Co-ed gatherings, digital invites and luxurious event locations are just a few of the year’s most popular baby shower trends. While moms are now more creative with their parties than ever, shower guests are still expected to follow a few time-honored customs. These include remembering to RSVP, bringing a gift on the baby registry and including a baby shower card with your present.

If you’re attending a celebration soon, but don’t have many ideas for what to write in a baby shower card, know that crafting a heartfelt note for mother and child is easier than you may think! Here are the most helpful tips for expressing your congratulations and best wishes.

smiling young pregnant woman sits on couch holding up baby clothes

Baby Shower Card Basics

When you start filling in your card, include mom and baby’s name at the top of the main page or at the head of the greeting. Like a birthday card, you’ll also want to sign it at the bottom. Many experienced shower guests enjoy writing the date of the event inside the card for the mother-to-be to remember it by.

If you want, you can also print your name. Close family members, such as grandmothers or aunts, can add their titles. No matter the type of structure you create, always leave room to elaborate. Don’t sign the card without embellishing upon the included greeting or crafting an original message.

Writing the Main Message

You’ve outlined your card with the essential information. Now it’s time to combine your emotions about the baby’s upcoming birth with a few facts to save the honoree time and potential confusion. Here are the ideas you should express in the body of the card:

  1. Thank them first: Having a baby is a once in a lifetime experience. Being invited to share in an expectant mother’s joy is an honor. Say thank you for being thought of as a trusted friend and member of baby’s circle. It’s also polite to be grateful for the celebratory food and beverages, as well as the take-home mementos.
  2. Tell a short story: Even if the shower you’re attending is large scale, you’re there because you’re close to the mom-to-be or her partner. Recall what brings you two together in this precious moment. Reminisce about when she was a young girl playing with baby dolls or reiterate the qualities that strengthen your relationship and are sure to make her a great role model for her child.
  3. Add a wish or blessing: Instead of the standard “Congrats!” or “All the best,” weave in an original line or two that mom will remember—and baby may read someday. Speak from the heart, letting your warmest dreams and desires for the child pour out into the message.
  4. List your gifts: This part is not about taking credit! Instead, it helps mom remember who gave her presents. Baby showers can be busy and crowded, which increases the chances that items will be displaced from their card or dropped out of a bag. A quick reminder of your gifts will help her write her thank you cards. Say something like, “I hope the baby likes her stuffed pony!” or “We envision many cozy nights with this flannel sheet set!”

Creating an Unforgettable Baby Shower Memory

By planning your words and infusing your one-of-a-kind personality, you will give the mom you’re honoring the gifts of love, positivity and strength. These sentiments will mean just as much to her, if not more, as receiving the cutest baby clothes, diapering supplies and feeding essentials.

Should you need specific gift ideas to go along with your card, Onesies® Brand bodysuits and Gerber essentials are trusted and beloved by moms everywhere. No matter what you choose, you’ll know that you’re giving mom quality infant clothing along with your special, heartfelt note.