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What Makes Our Softest Edit More Sustainable?

What Makes Our Softest Edit More Sustainable?

Our Softest Edit, Gerber Childrenswear’s new eco-friendly baby clothes collection, has arrived!  

Gerber Childrenswear partnered with Livaeco™️ by Birla Cellulose to launch a more sustainably produced, environmentally-friendly viscose fiber collection of sleepwear, rompers, dresses and accessories - made predominately from eucalyptus blended with spandex.  

What is Livaeco™ by Birla Cellulose? 

Birla Cellulose is a leading sustainability focused, man-made cellulosic fiber producer. Its nature-based fibers come from natural renewable sources from responsibly managed forestry. For more information, visit: 

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Why did Gerber Childrenswear partner with Livaeco™ by Birla Cellulose? 

Livaeco™ fibers are 100 percent sourced with ethical forestry practices and every garment made is fully traceable back to its origin. “Using Livaeco was a critical step in bringing this line to life. While there are currently viscose offerings on the market such as bamboo, Livaeco’s closed-loop process is a more sustainably friendly way to develop apparel,” said Elizabeth Melley, chief merchandising officer for Gerber Childrenswear.  

“The association with Gerber is a step forward towards collaborating with like-minded global brands. Responsibly sourced from natural origin, Livaeco™ fiber are the best match for kids wear application, where comfort has to be the focal point,” said Rajnikant Sabnavis, chief marketing officer, Birla Cellulose. 

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How is Livaeco by Birla Cellulose fabric more sustainable than other fabrics? 

100% Sustainable & responsible forestry: Sourced from certified sustainable forests, Maintains the forest cover, and six times more efficient in conserving land as compared to competing natural fibers. 

Lowest water consumption: The process of making Livaeco by Birla Cellulose saves 900 liters of water vis-à-vis other natural fibers. 

Lowest greenhouse gas emissions: 300 grams less greenhouse gases are emitted in the process of making Livaeco by Birla Cellulose as compared to competing natural fibers. 

Fastest biodegradability: Biodegrades completely within 6 weeks. 

Traceability of source: Molecular tracer helps in tracing garments to source at any stage. Downstream traceability through a web enabled system. 

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As your partner in the parenting journey, we understand the importance of taking action to reverse climate change. We’re proud of the progress we’re making but know there’s always more to be done. Our promise to you is to continually improve our packaging, fabrics and supply chain to be the best, most sustainable company we can be. Learn more about our journey to sustainability here 

Essentials designed for every season and buttery soft, our Softest Edit has affordable and adorable rompers, pajama sets, footed pjs, twirl dresses and headbands, featuring the latest solid colors and exclusive prints for your new baby or toddler. Our Softest Edit puts the fun in functional and is perfect for parents and families.   

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