Wearing Multiple Hats as a Mom of Two, With Jessica Egan

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One of the best things about being a mom is meeting a new mom and finding out how many hats they wear. When difficult things happen, it is so helpful to talk to another mom and reassure ourselves that the difficult things we are going through are all just a normal part of life.

We all have something unique that will happen to us, or to our family, and learning about another mom’s unique “hats” can give much perspective and balance to our own lives.

I am a mom to two beautiful daughters, one of which has Down syndrome. So, one of the hats I wear is an “advocate” hat. I share regularly on social media about our life with Down syndrome, and how it has been such a fun and amazing adventure. To get to know our sweet daughter and learn how to advocate for her so she has the best support, love, and education possible has been a great honor.

I have also struggled with infertility, and my husband and I used fertility treatments to have both of our daughters. So “infertility” is another hat I wear. Having struggled so much to conceive our daughters has given me perspective and made me extremely grateful to be a parent in any capacity. As part of my “infertility” hat, I try to be there for other women who are going through fertility struggles and help them stay as positive about the process as possible.

Another hat that I wear is of a “medical mama”. My daughter with Down syndrome was born with a heart defect, and in her 3 years of life she has now undergone 3 open-heart surgeries. We have spent many weeks in children’s hospitals and recently traveled from our home in Salt Lake, to Boston, for one of those surgeries. Wearing this hat, I have seen a whole new world of sick children that I wish didn’t exist but has truly helped me see the beauty in sickness and in health. Currently our daughter is doing wonderfully, and her third and most recent heart surgery was a great success. I am grateful to wear this hat of a “medical mama” so I can relate to other moms whose children are going through medical issues of their own.

Jessica and Gwendolyn sitting on the hospital bed, her daughter Gwendolyn is sitting on her lap.
Jessica and Gwendolyn sitting on the hospital bed, Gwendolyn is sitting on her lap. 

One of the last hats I wear is of a “working mom”. All moms work, there is no doubt about that. But one of the reasons I work outside the home is to be able to show my daughters what it means to contribute to society NOT just as a mom, but on my own merits. As a mom who wears all these hats, I love supporting working women whether they have children of their own or not. Not all women will have children, and it is so important for me to show my daughters that they can contribute to society in so many ways – as working moms, as stay-at-home moms, or as women who do not have children.

Woman with blonde hair standing standing in front of the capitol building
Jessica standing in front of Capitol Hill.

When we can appreciate and love every hat we wear, we lift up and support all women.

We can be the best version of ourselves, and we can set a wonderful example for our children when they see how important it is to be a nuanced, interesting person.

When we ask other women about the hats they wear, we in turn help them be seen, and we find so many ways to connect with those around us. I love being a mom and look forward to helping my girls find their unique “hats” as they grow and thrive.

- Jessica Egan – VP of National Accounts for a health-tech company, wife, and mom to Gwendolyn 3.5 years, and Rowan, 19 months old.

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