Unisex Baby Gifts: 5 Cute Gender-Neutral Gift Ideas

Many of today’s parents-to-be are still waiting to find out the sex of their baby—and gender reveals are now more common than ever. If you know an expecting mother who’s delaying the announcement of whether she’s having a boy or girl, you may need to shop for unisex baby gifts at one time or another. Thankfully, there’s no need to rack your brain for the perfect idea. We have something for both friends and family. This includes gender-neutral ideas for everyone from the generous host who is planning a baby shower to the expecting uncles and grandfathers. 

As baby’s birth draws closer, save this list of useful and memorable gifts to take with you when you go shopping. When you’re done, you can share it with a friend who also plans on getting the baby a gift. You’ll not only save time—you’re also sure to find the perfect gift to express your love and appreciation! 

1. Baby Bodysuits 

When it comes to unisex baby clothes, bodysuits are the quintessential newborn clothing item. The snaps at the bottom make diaper changes and getting ready in the morning easy for new parents. Clothes always help moms and dads save money, which makes it a great gift. Infants can never have too many white bodysuits, so feel free to purchase a set of two to three in different sizes. Our smaller Onesies® Brand bodysuits will get baby through the first few months, while our larger styles will make a big difference when he or she gets older. 

It doesn’t matter whether the gift is for a little prince or princess, white matches with everything. Spring and summertime babies can wear the bodysuits alone during naptime and playtime, while they’re effortlessly paired with colorful leggings and relaxed sweatpants in cooler weather. If you would rather buy something more vibrant, there are plenty of hues perfect for girls and boys. Grey, tan and red are considered gender-neutral when it comes to newborn clothes. Depending on the family’s style or mom’s registry, you may also select colors such as black, orange and yellow. No matter which ones you decide on, you’ll be contributing to keeping baby comfy and cozy. You’ll also save mom and dad time and energy, which they’ll appreciate when they’re low on sleep! 

baby crawling

2. Nursery Bedding 

Almost all baby registries include nursery bedding. For one, it’s necessary for every crib and bassinet. It can also get expensive, which is why it makes for a great gift. When it comes to unisex baby nursery bedding, you’re free to select anything from grey and cream stripes to neutral green stars. 

If you can, find out what baby’s nursery looks like. If that’s not possible, ask the mom-to-be if the newborn’s room will be more traditional or contemporary. Classic, gender-neutral styles include solid colors, dots and pinstripes. Modern varieties include grey and white clouds, geometric patterns and alphabet print. If you choose this as your gift, provide mom and dad with at least two sets of sheets. You may also want to consider adding a matching mini sheet for the diaper changing pad. 

3. Swaddles and Blankets 

Infants can never have enough swaddles and blankets. Newborns will need plenty of them to stay warm and cozy. Multiple sets will also allow mom and dad to skip doing the baby laundry so they can do some of their own. Whether you prefer to gift a large, plush blankie for snuggling or a pack of swaddle blankets for nighttime sleep, focus on neutral colors and patterns. 

Stylish choices include white, grey and mint green. Prints featuring lambs, porcupines and clouds are also fun and trendy. Cotton and muslin are ideal for boys and girls who are born in the spring and summer, while thicker cotton and fleece are ideal for fall and winter babies. 

4. Bibs and Burp Cloths 

Bibs and burp cloths are mainstays on nearly every registry, making them easy to find in several gender-neutral patterns and colors. There are a variety of styles, which makes them pretty fun to shop for. If you want something for a newborn, grab a multipack of dribbler bibs or a set of flannel burp cloths. They’re available in classic white, as well as different shades of cream and grey. 

If you would rather buy something for an older baby, consider a set of terry burp cloths that are easy to fold and pack away for daycare, family outings and vacations. Bibs with cute sayings make for adorable pictures when it’s time for eating solids. Pair a matching set of cloths and bibs for a gift that really stands out. If you’d like, you can top it with a heartfelt card and a book for baby’s reading collection. 

baby in pink

5. Plush Animals 

Kids at heart will love picking out a plush animal for a new baby. Many stuffed animals will complement the baby nursery until they are ready to play, regardless of whether it’s for a girl or boy. If you’re interested in going the traditional route, buy a small- to medium-sized teddy bear, puppy or duckling. Outside-the-box, contemporary ideas include an octopus, shark or kangaroo. 

Whichever type of animal you choose, make sure the plush is velvety soft to the touch and easy enough to grasp. If the dog or bear is too big, baby won’t be able to enjoy it until they can walk or crawl. You can also find stuffed toys that play music. A singing cat or whale may become the little one’s favorite item at bedtime or nap time. 

Finding the Perfect Gender-Neutral Gift for Baby 

When it comes to buying a present for a newborn, everyone wants to choose something that is both meaningful to the child and useful to the family. If you focus on these benefits before deciding if the gift is gender-neutral, you’re sure to find something that you love. Our hope is these unisex baby gift ideas inspire your shopping experience. We’re positive you’ll find something mom and baby both treasure, as the best gifts are always from the heart. 

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