Toddler Clothes: Dressing Your Toddler for Winter

Everywhere you look, it’s a winter wonderland. Your toddler will love playing outside in the snow, traveling to grandma’s house and helping mom with the holiday shopping. As they frolic and explore, make sure they’re dressed warmly. Cozy outfits are essential to keeping your little one safe, healthy and comfortable. 

The following guide to toddler winter outfits will help you dress your child quickly for those cold weather play sessions and festive events. It’ll also give you the peace of mind that they’re dressed appropriately. With less time spent shopping and planning, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays and spend more quality time as a family.

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Choose the Right Materials 

Cotton is one of the most popular kids’ clothing materials. While your child can wear cotton items loose on the body during the rest of the year, winter clothing must be snug enough to absorb any moisture. If your toddler sweats while they play or sleep, the wrong fit can make them even colder. 

Traditional and organic cotton baby clothes are fine for pajamas and first layers. They’ll also work in milder temperatures. Besides that, you’ll need to select those baby winter clothes known to help wick moisture and keep your child cozy. Fleece, silk and wool are excellent options. Synthetic, thermal materials such as polyester and nylon are also warm and provide much-needed protection from the elements.

Toddler Boy Cream Pullover Sweater with Khaki Pants

Dress in Layers 

The first priority is to keep your child warm, but the wrong type of outfit can actually make your child feel too hot. Toddlers aren’t as effective at regulating body temperature as their older siblings or parents. This is why younger kids have been known to feel ill and faint while playing outside—even in below-freezing temperatures. The best way to prevent sickness or discomfort is to strategically dress them in a few different types of layers. 

Begin with a long-sleeved bodysuit or shirt. A pair of leggings or thin pants work great as bottoms. Again, the outfit should be snug, but not too tight. Make sure you size up if you’re worried about the fit. If you’re heading outside or the temperatures are starting to dip, add yet another layer. Think fleece jackets, thick hoodies and warm sweatpants. When it’s sleeting or snowing, you’ll need a heavy but breathable jacket or snowsuit. 

When it’s time to sleep, select a two-piece pajama set or a long sleeve one-piece. Wearable fleece blankets make an excellent additional layer, but pediatricians say that the age a child can use a regular blanket is between 12-18 months. Always consult your child’s doctor if you have any questions about safe sleep practices for toddlers or the right clothing for bed. 

Toddler Boy in 2-Piece Pajama Sleepwear Set

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Don’t Forget the Accessories 

A toddler’s head, hands, and feet are especially susceptible to cold weather. These areas are not only where the most heat escapes from the body—they are also the quickest to feel chilly. To make sure your child is protected, complete their seasonal outfits with warm socks, as well as winter boots. When they’re spending time inside, pair their socks with slippers or booties. Gloves and mittens are essential for outdoor play. Sunglasses or goggles may also be helpful on sunny days or while playing winter sports with the family. 

Hats are needed for even the mildest days. Whether you have a girl or a boy, the choices in stylish winter hats are endless. Beanies and pom pom hats are quite popular, but you can also go with a wool ski hat, trapper hat or bucket cap. Toddler girls look adorable in fuzzy earmuffs, while toddler boys can find them in a variety of colors like navy blue and holiday red. 

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Keeping Your Toddler Warm This Winter 

Dressing your toddler for winter weather doesn’t have to be challenging. By working in layers and shopping for only the warmest materials, you’ll save yourself time and make it easier to create cozy, festive outfits. As you dress your child in the cutest seasonal wear, don’t forget about safety. Snaps and zippers will make it easier to rush out the door—and they’re not as likely to get caught in car seats like strings and ribbons.  

When shopping for the right toddler clothing for boys, we recommend bodysuit and pants sets with microfleece layering on top. Sleep and nap time are made better with organic, long sleeve, snug fit cotton pajamas. Three-piece sets with a short sleeve and long sleeve are especially helpful if your little one gets warm at night. Other parent favorites for boys include blanket sleepers with built-in feet and fleece-lined sweatpants. There are so many choices in wintertime toddler clothing for girls, too. Long sleeve shirts or cute dresses with leggings are a girl’s favorite first layer. Top with a hooded jacket and coat with bear or kitty ears. 

Toddler Girl in Yellow 2-Piece Pajama Sleepwear Set

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As with the boys, two- and three-piece pajama sets are perfect for cold evenings. Add a wearable microfleece or standalone fleece blanket on top for a peaceful night’s rest. Don’t forget the footed pajamas in sweet holiday prints and feminine colors. No matter which style you choose for your son or daughter, you’re sure to keep them warm and cozy all winter long.


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