Tips & Resources for Growing Your Own Food

Gardening with your little one is a great educational opportunity (for you and your child!) and wonderful way to connect with nature. Read on for some great tips and resources to start your very own garden this season.

parent and child holding bowl outside with fresh tomatos

Consider Your Space

No outdoor space? No problem! If you live in an apartment, try a windowsill herb garden or use your fire escape, balcony, or patio for potted plants. If you have a yard, choose an area that gets great sunlight and is as level as possible.


How much money do you want to spend on your garden? How much time and effort can you afford to put forth on a daily and weekly basis? As a beginner, it may be best to start small. Remember, you can always add on later!

Choose Your Plants

Finally, the fun part! What do you want to grow? When choosing your plants, consider maintenance and whether you can grow them successfully in your space. If you are indoors, do you have enough light? If you are outdoors, check a Plant Harvest Zone map when determining what seeds to sow.


Mark your calendar or create a to-do list of all your tasks, such as preparing your space, planting seeds, and transplanting seedlings. If you’re planting in a garden bed, sketch out a chart to determine proper spacing and companionship (some plants like each other more than others). Simple organization will set you up for success!

small green plants in black pots and soil

Further Resources

  • American Horticulture Society - This respected and well-established organization has great gardening info and resources for gardeners of all levels.
  • Farmer’s Almanac - There’s a reason the Farmer’s Almanac has been around since 1818! Find great gardening info from what tools to use, to managing pests, to planting by the moon.
  • National Gardening Association - This website if full of wonderful, free tools to improve your plant-growing skills. Plus, they even have printable gardening activities for kiddos!
  • Mother Earth News - An essential resource for anyone interested in organic and heirloom gardening, or natural-minded living in general.
  • Cornell Educational Gardening – In light of COVID, Cornell has released a series of free, educational lessons and activities to get young people interested in growing food. Geared for ages 6+.

Feeling inspired to live more sustainably? Check out our blog post on kitchen composting here, and tag your garden pics of baby with us on social!


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