Tips For Car Trips with Toddlers

Spring break is on the way, and we are HERE for it! However, to get from destination A (your home) to destination B (your dreamy vacay spot), it’s likely you’ll spend some time in the car.
 If you’re driving longer than 30-60 minutes with your toddler, packing snacks and planning car-safe fun can make all the difference.
Green and blue can of Gerber(R) organic Lil' Crunchies snacks


Toddlers are the ultimate snack monsters and their hanger knows no limits. Hungry? Tantrum. Hungry AND bored? Look out! That’s why snacks are key in the car. Pack safe snacks and avoid any junk food that will cause tummy aches. Some of our go-to’s are Gerber® snacks, which are made with nutritious, wholesome ingredients like whole grains, yogurt, and real fruit and veggies.


Blue and white security blanket with bear head topper and embroidery



We recommend sticking to the “ouch test” when it comes to packing a bag of toys to keep your child occupied on the road. If the toy would hurt being dropped on your head, it does not pass. This will help keep your child safe in case of an accident. Some great toys to bring along are your child’s favorite stuffies, soft books and blanket toys. Or get creative if you don’t mind a bit of mess! If your child loves band-aids, buy them a box and let them go to town. The same could be done with post-it notes, stickers, etc.

Music & Podcasts

Just like you enjoy listening to music and podcasts on the road, so will your child! Create a playlist of all their favorite songs, though beware! It might just play on repeat so make it long and skip any songs you simply cannot hear one more time. There’s lots of great options when it comes to story podcasts for children. A perfect time to play a story is when you see them yawning!

Rest Stops

Take advantage of them! Most car-seat companies recommend no longer than two hours in a car seat before your child needs to take a break. A quick 15-minute run-around can do wonders for a fussy child who’s been in the car for too long. Plus, if you’re potty training, you’ll need to stop frequently to avoid accidents. Most rest stops have plenty of room for a child to stretch their legs and picnic tables for snacking.


Young boy in Gerber Lil Chef Sleepwear with monkey stuffed animal


Comfy Clothes

This may seem obvious but keep your child as comfortable as possible to decrease fussiness. Toddler pajamas are a wonderful option when traveling, no matter the time of day! Or if they have a favorite comfy outfit or tee that’s just too *ahem* loved to wear out in public, this is the perfect opportunity to let that baby shine!

Drive Through the Night

If you’re up for it, this is the all-time easiest way to travel with young ones. Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and hit the road right before their bedtime. Let your little ones sleep, play some quiet music of your choice, and enjoy the night lights. If you’re switching off with another adult, this is the perfect way to safely travel on lengthy road trips without hearing the dreaded, “Are we there yet?”.

Let us know what your spring break vacation plans are and be sure to tag us in your family’s adventures! And be sure to check out our BRAND NEW SWIMWEAR! 😎