The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Toddler for Summer

With summer around the corner, it’s important to make sure you protect your toddler from the sweltering heat. As they bask in appropriate amounts of vitamin D, implement the following tips as you keep your toddler properly dressed and comfortably cool. 

1. Dress Your Toddler in Light, Breathable Clothing

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When you’re purchasing toddler clothing for your little one this summer, always check the product descriptions and tags for the fabric specifics. If the garments are made from fabrics like cotton, eucalyptus, bamboo or linen, you’re in good shape. 

There are several reasons why it’s best to invest in light, breathable clothing. For starters, they tend to support proper air circulation. They lower the chances of your toddler feeling overheated. When it’s hot and humid outside, your toddler desires comfort, and these fabrics can provide that. They’re also easy to clean, and they dry very quickly. If your toddler, in the process of drinking water, spills some on their clothing, it’s better to have fabrics that dry very quickly.

Do your best to avoid materials such as polyester, rayon and nylon. Those three fabrics tend to irritate the skin and cause rashes. This is especially true for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin. During the summer, these textures hold heat as well. 

2. Use Cooling Accessories

Just as you’d wear accessories to enhance the look of your outfit, a toddler can wear accessories to make their outfit physically cooler. A great cooling accessory is a portable neck fan. There are tons of portable neck fans in different colors and styles. It’s a great accessory for your toddler to wear around their neck and get the cooling sensation of circulating air. 

When you’re wondering how to keep a toddler cool in the stroller, know that there are gadgets for that specific need. When you’re taking your toddler for a stroll around the neighborhood, invest in a stroller fan that attaches to the stroller. This will allow them to get an additional sensation of cooler air circulating toward their body. 

When it’s time to go for a drive, install a cooling pad in your toddler’s car seat so that they’re not enduring the hot plastic of a car seat that stays in the heat all day and night. There are also cooling seat liners that you can install. 

In the same way that you place a headband around a toddler’s forehead, decorative ice packs can be placed around a toddler’s forehead. These ice packs can often look like accessories and feature plushy animal features like monkeys, caterpillars and butterflies. Look for features that’ll match toddler boy outfits perfectly. These cooling ice packs double as accessories to make sure a toddler’s temperature remains cool even on a hot day.

3. Stay Indoors During Peak Heat Hours

There are recommended hours to stay out of the sun because the UV rays are especially harmful during those times. Summertime peak hours are typically 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During those hours, try your best to avoid staying in the sun for longer than an hour. 

When you’re going out into the sun with your big toddler, it’s best to apply and reapply sunscreen. Dress your toddler in clothing that contains SPF protection embedded in the fabric. Look for sunscreen and protective clothing with at least SPF 30. For toddlers, any SPF that falls within the range of 30 to 50 is great. 

Human beings need vitamin D in order to thrive. If you decide that you’re going to go out into the sun during peak sun hours, it’s OK for your toddler to get a certain amount of vitamin D. However, try your best to minimize the time they’re outside or make sure there’s a lot of shade to protect them from intense sun rays.

4. Seek Shade Whenever Possible

When you’re preparing to take your toddler outside, always walk with some sort of shaded accessory in order to keep them protected from the sun. When getting them dressed, give them a wide-brimmed hat or a visor that they can wear in order to protect themselves and maintain a certain amount of shade on their face. 

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It’s also wise to walk with a pair of sunglasses that they can wear. To match those adorable toddler girl outfits, look for toddler sunglasses that also contain the sunglasses strap or eyewear retainer in order to keep them within arm’s reach. 

When it’s time for an anticipated road trip or a car ride to run errands, don’t forget about how to keep a toddler cool in a car seat. 

If you’re traveling in the car, keep a car window sunshade to protect them from direct sunlight as they travel in the car. 

If you’re headed to a pool, bring a sunshade canopy that they can enjoy as they float around in the pool. An umbrella is a great option if you’re sitting by the pool or when you’re taking your child to the beach. Look for stylish and practical bathing suits designed to provide sun protection and ensure optimal skin cooling for your active little boys and girls.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

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Just like it’s important for adults, hydration is also key for toddlers during the summertime. This is one of the most important factors when discussing how to keep a toddler cool in the summer. Hydration isn’t simply about the amount of water they drink. There are plenty of ways to hydrate the skin and the body internally and externally. Once you’ve moisturized the skin and hydrated it, use light, breathable fabrics to cool the skin down. 

Additionally, hydrate internally as well. Make sure your toddler drinks at least 4 cups of water each day. There are other ways to hydrate as well. In addition to drinking lots of water, give them snacks like watermelon cubes, cucumber slices and berries. Chop up pieces of cantaloupe and celery for them to snack on throughout the day as these fruits and vegetables provide adequate hydration for the body. 

Instead of taking them to get a scoop of ice cream, you can purchase a fruit-based ice pop in order to get a certain serving of fruit as they cool their body down with the cooling sensation of an ice pop. Purchase a reusable water bottle that contains a reusable straw. With a reusable straw and a cute water bottle, they’ll be more inclined to drink more throughout the day.

6. Keep Your Toddler’s Sleeping Areas Cool

When it’s time to go to sleep, the last sensation anyone wants to feel is unbearable heat. In fact, in order to experience optimal rest, the body should get to a cooler temperature. In addition to wearing breathable fabrics for pajamas, consider keeping a fan in the bedroom. Place breathable linens for them to sleep on their mattress. They might even opt to sleep without a flat sheet on top or a blanket. However, make sure that that fitted sheet is made of comfortable, breathable linen that can provide comfort throughout the night. A cotton jersey knit material is an excellent option. 

If your toddler is taking a nap in another room, a portable sleeping pod can be a sufficient way for them to experience a cooling sensation as they comfortably sleep outside of their room. Blackout curtains are imperative for keeping a room cool because the sunlight can be so invasive and will heat up a room quickly. If your toddler’s bedroom window is east- or west-facing, they will experience a certain amount of heat because of where the sun is located throughout the day. Blackout curtains help keep the sunlight out and keep the room cool.

When it comes to finding the perfect pajamas for your little one during summertime, Gerber Childrenswear's 100% cotton pajamas are an excellent choice for your little boys and girls. Made from soft and breathable cotton, these pajamas allow for maximum comfort and ventilation, ensuring that your child stays cool throughout the night. The natural properties of cotton help to wick away moisture from the body, preventing sweat from accumulating and creating a sticky and uncomfortable feeling.

The Importance of Preparedness

It’s best to be overly prepared for any situation with a little toddler. With these summer preparedness tips, you’ll do your best to make sure your toddler is stylishly clothed while remaining physically cool. Explore our fashionable and cooling outfits that will keep your little one comfortable all season long. Be proactive and be prepared in advance with Gerber Childrenswear; your toddler deserves the best!

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