The Top Baby Girl Names of 2024

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Naming your baby girl is a divine experience and one of many extraordinary steps you will take on the journey to becoming a parent. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your little princess, we have plenty of traditional and modern baby girl names to explore! Discover the baby name that matches your sweet girl’s essence.

Exploring the Trendiest Girl Names

First on our list are the top baby girl names in 2024! They’re rising in popularity for their elegance and on-trend style. Explore a few favorites to decide on a trendy moniker.


Harper is totally on-trend for 2024, but dates back as far as Medieval times when royals had their own harp players. Adorable and artsy, Harper is the name of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. It’s also the beloved celebrity baby name for stars like David Beckham and Jenna Fischer!


Willow is full of peaceful and graceful energy. It celebrates the beauty of nature as well as the strength of the willow tree. Willows are known for their elegant look and tendency to grow in difficult conditions. When you choose this graceful name, you’ll be celebrating your daughter’s spirit and strength.


This sweet and feminine baby name is of Arabic origin and means “blooming flower.” It’s a lovely baby girl’s name that stands out but still has plenty of simple beauty. Zara is easy to say and spell, a huge advantage to some parents. This stunning floral name is so gorgeous that it will continue to be a popular name in 2024.

Classic Girl Names With a Twist

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Are you into timeless baby girl names but still want one with a unique twist? Choose one of these adorable titles! They’re some of the most beloved baby names in history, but their beauty still keeps them popular.


Eleanor is one of the most beloved traditional baby girl names of all time. Once known as a name for your aunt or grandmother, it’s seeing a revival for its graceful appeal and stately sound. While some debate its origin, it has roots in Old French and Germanic. The name means “shining light.”


Charlotte is a timeless baby girl name that has recently surged in popularity. Its royal connection was solidified when Kate Middleton and Prince William chose Charlotte as the name for their baby girl, sparking a renewed fascination with the name among parents everywhere. Furthermore, Charlotte Brontë stands as one of the world's most renowned authors, and who can forget the cherished character Charlotte from the beloved children's book "Charlotte's Web"?


This elevated and traditional baby girl’s name has Greek origins. It means “wisdom,” blessing your baby with a special essence from the beginning. Actor Jude Law helped choose this name for his little girl. It’s also the first name of some of the most bold and gorgeous women in the world, like Sophia Loren and Sophia Vergara.

Timeless and Meaningful Names

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These names have all seen popularity in recent years, but still hold a significance that will keep them beloved no matter what else is on-trend. Choose one of these baby names, and you’ll always be proud of its sound and meaning.


Emma is a cute and playful girl’s name meaning “whole” or “universe.” Your baby girl is your world, and the name Emma definitely illustrates this fact. Select this one if you’re searching for a girl’s name that has personality but still stands the test of time.


This timeless girl’s name has been around for ages — and for good reason! Of Latin origin, the name Ava means “life” or “lively.” You may also hear that the name means “birdlike.” It sounds pretty and elegant, two essential name qualities parents have for their baby girl.


The meaning of Grace is embedded in the name, so everyone will feel its essence. Grace has Latin origins and means “mercy” or “generosity.” It’s a peaceful and classic name with religious connotations that retains its popularity over the years for its beauty.

Unique and Emerging Girl Names

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If you want a unique name that won’t be copied, check out these emerging girl names! They’re adorable and imaginative, making them stand out. These names are for adventurous girls with plenty of personality. Let your little princess shine!


The word azure means “sky blue.” The dreamy color is the root behind Azura, a splendid baby girl’s name celebrating the wonders of nature. Azura evokes calm and peace. It also features a boldness that keeps it rare and exceptional.


"Elowen" is a beautifully distinctive name of Cornish origin, setting it apart from "Éowyn," a name crafted by J.R.R. Tolkien for one of his fictional characters. Derived from the Cornish language, "Elowen" holds a meaningful connection to nature, signifying the elm tree. This name embodies notions of strength and natural beauty, making it a unique and enchanting choice for parents seeking a name with deep roots and a touch of elegance.


Seraphina is another unique and fantastical name that will intrigue others to know more. It has roots in Jewish scriptures where the highest-ranking angels showcased their burning passion and love. The name Seraphina means “burning ones,” signifying your little girl’s strength and zest for life. It’s a beautiful baby girl’s name for a child with plenty of determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help you decide which baby girl names you like best. Check out some of our questions and answers for additional help.

What Are Key Factors To Keep in Mind When Selecting a Baby Name?

There are a variety of considerations, including family names and cultural background. Think about whether you like classic or modern baby names. The meaning and origin can help you decide if you want the name for your child.

How Can I Strike a Balance Between Unique and Popular Names?

Choose a twist on a popular name, like one with a different suffix or spelling. A variation on a trendy name can help strike the balance between unique and common. Or go with a girl’s name that is newer but sounds classic.

What Can I Do If I’m Struggling To Find the Perfect Girl’s Name?

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time! It’s challenging to decide on a forever name for your baby girl. Keep a few that you like and let yourself decide later. Explore more information about their meanings and origins.

How Do I Make Sure the Name Has a Positive, Meaningful Connotation?

Consider taking some time to do some research. If you choose a baby girl’s name on this list, you will have the meaning and history behind it. You can also browse other baby names online. Check out a few resources to be sure you have the right connotation. With a little love and patience, you’ll choose the perfect name for your baby girl.

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