The Top Baby Boy Names of 2024

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One of the most exciting and challenging parts of being an expecting parent is naming your baby boy! Maybe you’re looking for classic baby boy names or something a little more modern. Here, we’ll explore the top baby boy names in 2024 to find the one that is right for your child. As you contemplate these names, envision your little one in adorable outfits from our selection of baby boy clothing to help you imagine the perfect fit for your future bundle of joy.

Exploring the Trendiest Boy Names

Take a deeper dive into the trendiest baby boy names! A glimpse at on-trend choices can help you decide on traditional baby boy names or something fresher and more modern.


Jayden is a contemporary twist on an age-old Hebrew name. It sounds stylish, but it also has plenty of spiritual significance. It bears many of the same sounds and suffixes as other trendy boy names like Aiden and Kayden. It’s also a popular celebrity baby name. Mamas like Jada Smith and Britney Spears couldn’t resist it for their baby boy.


Finn is an inviting, playful boy’s name with a heroic history. It refers to a wise warrior hero of Irish mythology. Owen Wilson and Tori Spelling both named their boys Finn.


Luca saw a huge spike in popularity after it became a kid’s movie. In the last couple of years, it’s become wildly trendy. Luca is gender-neutral and means “light” or “light bringer.” It’s a lovely name for families of Italian origin or those looking for a name with a vowel ending.

Classic Names With a Twist

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If you prefer a unique name that won’t be on repeat, try old-fashioned baby boy names with a modern twist. Choose from handsome names evoking strength and good fortune. They have origins in a variety of cultures and sound beautiful when you recite them.


Once used only as a nickname, Eddie is a modern favorite. Edward is an English name meaning prosperity or fortune. The contemporary version translates to “wealthy” or “guardian of riches.” Eddie is the nickname of renowned actors and musicians, including Eddie Vedder and Eddie Murphy.


For ages, Miller was once seen as a last name only. It has age-old roots in England and Scotland where the surname was for families who owned mills. Choose Miller if you’re looking for a strong, classic name with plenty of history.


Scottie is one of those names with a clear origin. It actually means “Scottish person.” If you plan on raising an athlete, this baby boy name is an excellent choice. American professional golfer Scottie Scheffler and basketball legend Scottie Pippen have seen plenty of success and notoriety.

Timeless and Meaningful Names

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Some baby boy names stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a few of the most meaningful baby boy names around, the ones on this list won’t disappoint. Discover the significance behind these names to decide which one fits your little prince.


You’ll find Levi in the Old Testament as the son of Jacob and Leah. This classic, meaningful name symbolizes unification and joining together. While traditional, it’s seen a boost in popularity as of late. This is what Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves famously named their son.


Liam is of Irish origins and means “protector” or “guardian.” It’s still popular in 2024 because it sounds noble and rolls off the tongue. It goes well with many last names, and it’s well-known. Parents and grandparents will recognize some of the most famous Liams in the world, including singer Liam Gallagher and actor Liam Neeson.


Benjamin is a classic name that feels both stylish and elevated. It comes from the Bible’s Old Testament and has a significant spiritual meaning, “son of the right hand.” Benjamin in the Bible was the youngest of Jacob’s 12 sons, perfect for the youngest child in the family. It’s an elegant and prominent name for any child, yet it still sounds fresh and on-trend.

Unique and Emerging Choices

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By now, you have an excellent idea of the baby boy names that are making a splash. Here are a few unique choices that you may not hear anywhere else. These names have plenty of personality and style. Use them for a spirited boy or creative family.


Colter sounds similar to popular boy names like Cayden and Colton but has a unique and wild essence. The name itself is of English origin and means “young horse” or “one who looks after horses.” It’s a rugged, artful name for a little boy who is born to roam free.


Embrace the boundless spirit and enthusiasm of the name Wylder! This vibrant and energetic name traces its origins to Old English, where it quite literally translates to "wild animal." Choosing Wylder for your little one will undoubtedly evoke a sense of untamed adventure and spirited character. Not only does it exude heaps of personality, but it also leaves a lasting impression that's impossible to forget.


We love the elegance of the baby boy’s name Loyal. It’s a classic name of British origin that exudes calm and poise. It’s so timeless that it works for both boys and girls. Choose Loyal if you want a name that exudes nobility and peace. It’s also an excellent name for reminding everyone that he’s faithful and true.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you have some of the best baby boy names in mind. It’s time to discover the name that is right for your little one. Here are a few FAQs to help you make your choice:

How Do I Balance Between Popular and Unique Names?

Try different spellings or explore variations on popular boys’ names. You’ll get the look or sound you want while giving the name a one-of-a-kind spin.

What Should I Do If I’m Struggling To Find the Right Name?

Take a break from your search! You’ll decide on one as you get closer to your due date. Sometimes, parents begin to narrow down names when they find out they’re having a boy.

How Do I Ensure the Chosen Name Has a Positive Meaning?

Refer to this list of top baby boy names to discover meanings! If you’re thinking about choosing a different name, it’s a good idea to do some research. Baby name origins will help you find out what’s behind it.

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