7 Adorable and Creative Summer Baby Shower Ideas

There are so many fun and exciting baby shower themes to help you celebrate summer! With a bit of creativity and planning, you’re sure to delight your guests and make special memories. Whether you’re having a traditional shower or throwing an all-ages celebration, this list of our favorite summer baby shower ideas features the perfect theme colors and decorations for your party. 

Discover the food and favors that are sure to be a hit while learning about the best baby gifts for a seasonal event. Get ideas for lightweight baby girl and baby boy clothes and swimwear. While you explore the best ways to dress and care for your baby, you’ll also find out how to fill out your perfect summer baby registry. 

Tropical Island Vacation

1. Tropical Island Vacation 

What is more picturesque and inviting than being on a tropical island? An exotic vacation makes the perfect backdrop for your summer baby shower. For a chic and versatile look, use light and earthy color combinations like green and white with gold. 

Whether decorating indoors or outside, adorn the area with palm trees and gold pineapples. Next, add faux greenery and white tropical flowers to tables and entranceways. Instead of the traditional baby shower games, have a limbo competition or a hula hoop contest set to Hawaiian music. The winner receives a themed gift card or a special party favor. 

Speaking of party favors, this theme makes it fun to give out everything from pineapple scented candles to samples of Hawaiian coffee. Whether you’re feeding your guests appetizers or a full meal, some of the best cuisine for a tropical baby shower includes barbecue meats and luau-themed finger foods. Mocktails featuring orange juice or pineapple juice are satisfying and look vibrant on the table. 

Make your baby shower registry list more creative by asking for Gerber Childrenswear baby swimwear featuring summertime prints or bright colors. Shop for bathing suits and rash guards with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ fabric, which will help to protect your newborn’s delicate skin from the sun. 

Celebrate Summer with Adorable Baby Swimwear! 

2. Ice Cream Shop 

If you’re searching for the sweetest way to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy or baby girl, choose a summer ice cream shop theme! Your guests will feel like kids again, with playful décor and delicious snacks in cute colors. Make your home or backyard look like an ice cream store when you dress tables in white cloth or throwaway striped paper. 

Create a stand or a counter where friends and family can make or order their favorite cup or cone. Have different flavors available, as well as low-fat or dairy alternatives. Let party guests color and decorate their own cardstock cone, writing a message inside for the baby. You can also design a game where everyone must guess the ice cream flavor. Create a playlist with classic tunes or upbeat pop music to keep the event sweet from start to finish.

Add ice cream-themed baby boy or baby girl clothes to the registry so you can open gifts that go perfectly with your party. Later, when your little one wears their Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits or outfit sets featuring the cutest scoops, you’ll have a story about their ensemble. Give gift cards for free cones or mini-ice cream-making sets as party favors. You can also give away soaps or candles that look like delicious flavors. 

Pool Party

3. Pool Party  

If you have a pool or can rent one for the day, a poolside party is fantastic to cool off and entertain your guests. With this approach, you don’t have to spend as much time on décor. Instead, the pool and deck area are the main focal points, which means you can add nearly any colors or accents you like. If there are any children present, make sure they are never left unattended in or around the pool.

Some parents will work with colors that complement the pool, like white or blue. Others will choose a shade to celebrate their baby boy or girl, like aqua blue or coral pink. Balloons are an excellent decoration for a pool party because they direct guests to the right place while adding fun and playfulness to the deck. 

If you’re planning on having drinks and snacks, include an appetizer or buffet area in a different spot from where everyone is swimming. For such a casual event, you can serve everything from grilled kabobs to slices of pizza. Be sure there is plenty of water and shade available for guests. A cooler of iced water bottles always makes for a pool party favorite. 

Play energetic music and encourage loved ones to play pool games. Some of the best party favors for this summer baby shower idea include mini bottles of sunscreen and paper fans so guests can protect themselves and stay cool all day. Make everyone feel included by having games or a relaxing socialization area for those who do not wish to get wet. 

This is another baby shower theme where you can stock up on newborn swimwear. Baby boy swim trunks and baby girl one-pieces are some of the best options for little ones. You can also find baby cover-ups and comfortable infant sunglasses. 

Discover Cute Baby Clothes for Summer

4. Summer Fruit 

Summertime fruit is one of the healthiest and best parts of the season! From strawberries to watermelon, you will find baby shower décor and party snacks that look adorable and taste delicious. With this theme, you can create beautiful and vibrant fruit spreads featuring the colors of the rainbow. 

fruit baby

Allow your guests to eat kiwi and bananas or blackberries with blueberries. Large plastic pitchers made to look like vintage crystal glass will add sweet sophistication to your party theme. Add water or iced tea to keep things tasty and nourishing. You can also include flavored water and lemonade to help hydrate your guests and give them as many fruity options as possible. 

Now that you have your food and beverages, you can begin to decorate with ribbons and flowers in the same colors as the produce. Then, when it’s time for activities, have your guests create their own baby bodysuits with fruit stamps and Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits in cute blank colors such as pink or red. 

Other fun games include fruit bingo and “Guess the watermelon weight.” Ask your friends and family to guess just how large the fruit really is. The winner gets to keep the watermelon and a gift card to a fresh market or fruit basket. 

When it’s time to open baby shower gifts, your guests will love to see newborn baby dresses and baby pajamas adorned with fruit prints. Fruit-themed baby teethers and nursery art can also be fun presents to welcome your child’s arrival. Let your guests leave with body wash or lotion scented with the delights of summer, like mango or papaya. 

5. Summertime Sports 

If you’re having a baby boy or your family loves a little competition, a summertime sports theme will have everyone cheering! You can create this baby shower idea with your team’s colors or some of the traditional colors found in sports like soccer or baseball. Make your party site look like a field or a stadium. You can also make it appear like a golf course or a beach for sports like volleyball or surfing. 

Ask your party guests to wear jerseys or shirts featuring their favorite team. You can also have them bring baby clothing gifts that help your baby get their first-ever team gear started. Play arena anthems or upbeat rock songs. Let your loved ones get active with party activities like a bat spin race or a table soccer game. 

Subs and sandwiches are great food for this type of summertime baby shower. Have cold drinks in coolers available, along with small bags of snacks like chips or pretzels. If there’s a live game on during the party, play it on a muted television screen. Allow your guests to check in from time to time until you open gifts. 

Personalized water bottles are useful and help to commemorate the shower. For more unique and memorable party favors, try customized golf balls. There are even soft stress balls that are made to look like softballs or baseballs. 

6. Day at the Boardwalk 

An oceanside boardwalk makes for a fun and exciting summer memory! With a fun and adorable “day at the boardwalk” theme, you can give your guests something special to look back on. Everything from your invitations to party favors can have a seaside carnival look. 

Many products are made to look like weathered wood or Ferris wheels, which add a playful feel to your baby shower décor. You can also choose decorations like colorful balloons or lighted vintage signs to make it feel more like a carnival. Serve snacks that have become boardwalk food essentials, like funnel cakes or hot dogs. 

You can also set up carnival games, like Skee-Ball or a bottle ring toss. If you’re having a big party, try renting some boardwalk space for your party guests. You can also gather a group to meet up at an oceanside boardwalk nearby your home, reserving a picnic table or covered area for opening gifts and socializing. 

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do with your family and friends, make milkshakes or try twisting your own saltwater taffy. You can also bond together and enjoy a snack by making slow churn ice cream or colorful snow cones. After you open baby clothes and supplies from your shower registry, a bag of popcorn or cotton candy makes for an excellent parting gift. You can also give away jars of bubblegum or candy. 

Summer Camp

7. Summer Camp 

Build the campfire and pitch the tents because it’s time for summer camp! Whether you have your party in the backyard or a public park, a camping theme makes the most of the outdoors. Call the party your baby’s summer camp, hanging signs with their name around the area. Decorate tables and activity centers with red and white tablecloths or with picnic blankets. 

DIY paper crafts or shop for cute plush items that are made to look like a campfire. These items will look adorable around your party site. You can also keep them to help decorate your baby’s nursery. Other fun ways to make it look like a summer camp include adding mini tents or teepees for guests to relax. 

Serving plates and dishes made with wood logs can make you feel like you’re in the middle of the forest. You can also use camping gear to help set the scene and feed your guests. Grill different offerings for your friends and family and then let them make s’mores for dessert. Have everyone go on a scavenger hunt around the campsite to find baby essentials and then give the winner a camping-themed gift. A flashlight or a set of small binoculars makes for an unforgettable reward for finding all items. 

Party favors like make-your-own-s’mores sets and customized ceramic mugs featuring the baby’s name and due date will give guests something to talk about. If you’re looking for baby gifts to go with this shower idea, a camping-themed shirt or bodysuit will have your family inspired all season long. Bucket hats and vests make for great newborn photos. Denim shorts and cute sleepwear sets for infants will set you up for a fun summer. 

Creating the Cutest Summer Baby Shower 

Summer is an excellent time to get together with friends and celebrate great weather. With this list of baby shower ideas, you will find something you love. Play up the theme with food and favors that help everyone remember the occasion. You’ll also love that you can find cute baby clothing and newborn essentials in summer fabrics and colors. There are so many ways to do a summer baby shower, but what matters is that you’re having a great time. Enjoy the day and celebrate your baby!

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