7 Summer Baby Photoshoot Ideas and Outfit Inspiration

7 Summer Baby Photoshoot Ideas and Outfit Inspiration

Summer is an excellent time for a photo session. Family vacations and gorgeous weather give parents plenty of options for a beautiful backdrop. With more long weekends and holiday trips available, families have more time to design a unique and memorable shoot for their little ones. The first step is to select a theme for your baby’s session. For a summer baby photoshoot that stands out, check out our ideas or creative scenes and cute clothing. We’ll help you showcase the fun of the season, all while capturing your baby’s unique personality. 

1. Beach Day 

The beach is a classic and inspired setting for a summer baby photoshoot. Place your baby on a blanket and let nature work its magic. While your first point of focus will be your child’s sweet face, you’ll love how the waves and sunlight look in the background. Sugary sand and glittering water always add a magical feel to baby pictures. Your baby girl or baby boy clothes can help create a coastal vibe for your photo session. Dress them in an outfit that fits your family’s style while keeping them comfortable in warm weather. 

The best boys’ clothing for beach day shoots evokes a summery feel. Start with white or khaki shorts and then add a red or blue striped shirt or a similar-colored Gerber® Onesies® bodysuit. It’s easy to create a nautical feel with a matching boating cap or bucket hat. While it looks adorable on your little guy, it will also block the sun’s rays to keep him comfortable while you take pictures. Add sandals or choose to keep their feet bare. If it’s hot outside or he’s ready to play, dress him in baby swimwear. Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we have swim trunks and rash guard sets to keep your child looking and feeling cool. 

little girl holding starfish and wearing watermelon beach day toddler bathing suit set

Some of the best baby girl clothes for the shore include lightweight sundresses and rompers in colors like white or blue. Pink or light blue gauze shortalls look adorable with a crisp white tee underneath. Straw hats and Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) swim caps are stylish and can help to shield your little girl from the sun. Find a Gerber Childrenswear swimsuit and hat bundle in your favorite print for the perfect beach look. Bathing suits with ice cream and seasonal fruit patterns are sure to stand out in your summer pictures. Girls’ rash guard and swim bottom sets are adorable and offer excellent sun protection, making everyone more comfortable during their pictures. 

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2. Pool Time 

What’s better than being by the pool during summer? You and your baby can make the most of your time outdoors while having a photoshoot in your personal paradise. Your baby can splash their hands while you take candid pictures. If you prefer more of a portrait style, still shots and family photos will look attractive and inviting next to the cool water. 

For the best poolside pictures, do your photoshoot during what photographers call the “golden hour.” This is the time just before sunrise or immediately after sunset, says PetaPixel, when the sun’s low angle allows the sun’s light to look natural and golden. With a bit of planning, you’ll take beautiful photos that you’ll want to hang on your living room wall. The right outfit for your baby can make the pictures even more alluring. 

Cute swimwear in a solid color is perfect for summer photos because it lets the viewer focus on your baby’s face. At the same time, it’s easy to appreciate the natural, glowing sunlight. A pink or white coverup with a matching hat is a cute outfit for baby girls. Boys can wear their swim trunks with a hat for a classic look. Other fun ideas include wrapping your infant in a large towel or pool blanket. As they relax or crawl around in the fabric, you are sure to capture a few adorable photos. 

For your child’s safety, make sure you or another adult is always present and with your baby when around a pool or any body of water.

3. Enchanted Gardens 

Summer is an excellent opportunity to explore different flowers. There are many ways to see new species and find a perfect spot for an outdoor photoshoot. Many botanical gardens and butterfly gardens will allow you to take pictures around their grounds. You can also do a photo session at a Japanese garden or a Children’s Garden. There are community parks and historical sites that have gardens on their campus. You may even choose a garden in your backyard or neighborhood. 

toddler boy wearing khaki pants and plaid shirt with arms spread wide, smiling for the camera

When it comes to an enchanted garden shoot for your baby, colorful blooms and lush greens are the only requirements! Gardens give a natural feel of sophistication and luxury, making baby girl dresses an excellent option. Tulle dresses or styles with flowing skirts feel lightweight and look lovely. Accessorize it with a field hat or a boater hat and a pair of sandals. Rompers and skort sets are also cute enough for garden sessions. Match them up with a Panama hat or a bucket hat. 

Baby boy clothing ideas for a summer garden photo session include gauze hoodies and woven plaid shirts. A crisp short sleeve tee in a neutral color will help the flowers' colors pop around him. Pair these stylish shirts with gauze shorts or canvas pants. Denim shorts and pull-on shorts will help your baby look cute and stay comfy. Sandals and sneakers are both excellent choices in footwear, along with accessories like bucket hats or sunglasses. 

4. Summertime Sports 

Sports are even more fun during summer! Whether you like activities like volleyball or baseball, you can make your baby look like they’re ready for some competition. There are many ways to do summertime sports shoots for children. Attend a soccer game or visit a golf course to take cute still shots or inspired candid photos. Another idea is to take your baby to the backyard and dress them in a tiny sports uniform. They can also wear the colors or logos of their favorite team. 

Pull-on cotton shorts are the perfect companion to team tees and jerseys. White or khaki shorts with a baby polo shirt or a summery top will help your child look like they’re ready for a hole-in-one. DIY your own athletic uniform with baby clothing essentials from Gerber Childrenswear. We have blank tees and Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits in a variety of colors. Make them your own with fabric painting or embroidery. Stitch on sequins or decorate with beading. Iron-on letters and numbers can help to create a one-of-a-kind baby jersey. Finish the outfit with a pair of pull-on athletic pants or joggers. Shorts will keep the baby cool, while skorts can be a cute alternative for infant girls. Be sure to check out our NFL® Baby Clothing collection as well.

Once you have the right outfit, add some sporty props. Tiny baseballs and mini bats will instantly make your child into a little slugger, while a baby basketball or a tennis ball are interesting objects for small children. Try putting them in a bathing suit and sunglasses next to a surfboard or a kayak for a super cool photo idea. 

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5. Going Camping 

Capture the delight of a camping trip with a uniquely themed baby photoshoot session at a state park or a popular community hiking spot. Everyone will love these out-of-the-box photos that make your infant look cute and adorably active. To create this imaginative session, visit an actual campsite. Once you pitch your tent, let your baby crawl around and explore. The backdrop of the tent among the forest will evoke a feeling of adventure. 

smiling baby boy wearing orange t-shirt that reads "ready for road trip" while wearing camo pants

Another idea is to set up a faux campsite in your backyard. Use your camping gear to set up a DIY scene that looks like your baby is on a solo vacation. Incorporate fun props like a canteen or binoculars. You can even add plush animals like bears or deer. A fake fishing pole with stuffed animal fish will showcase your little angler. You can also use toys or crafts to make it look like they’re lighting a campfire or roasting marshmallows. 

For the perfect baby camping outfit, begin with a blank tee or a bodysuit. Colors like green and dark blue will add to the natural theme. Next, include a pair of neutral-colored shorts or pants. Khakis and cargo bottoms are excellent choices. Include a rugged-looking vest on top. Finish the look with a bucket hat or a fishing hat. Boots and sneakers are the best baby footwear for this outdoorsy scene. 

6. Summer Picnic 

For an easy and fun baby photoshoot idea, have a summer picnic session. All you need is a patch of grass and a picnic blanket. Your baby will be the focal point of this classic look that makes for adorable postcards or summer greetings. After you take pictures, you can play and eat lunch together. If you’d like, you can also make food part of the activity. Snap a few candid shots while they explore an ear of corn or taste a bite of watermelon. Their reactions will be nothing short of priceless and worth remembering. 

toddler in floral sundress wearing headband sitting on white rug

If you choose the summer picnic, a sunny day is a perfect backdrop for this shoot. Bring infant sunglasses and a hat to make it easy for your child to look at you and smile. A cute and casual outfit is the best look for baby boys or girls. Your little one will be the pride of the picnic with denim or gauze shortalls and a cotton tee underneath. Tees and shorts in breezy neutrals or vibrant colors will help to set the summer mood. 

A light sundress is a sweet choice for girls. When it comes to picnic attire, you can’t go wrong with a simple baby bodysuit. Choose Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits in a traditional summer shade like red or navy blue. These garments are always cute on infants. Besides looking effortlessly stylish, your baby is sure to stay cool enough to pose for pictures. Take a few shots without a hat on and then put it back on for the most protection. You can choose between the different looks if you decide to print or publish your pictures later. 

7. Summer Produce Stand 

Celebrate the bounty of summer with sweet baby clothing! In this unique baby photoshoot, the outfit is even more important than the backdrop. A plain background is a great setting since your little one will be wearing colorful prints featuring their favorite produce. If you’d like, you can craft a cardboard cart or wooden stand of your own. You can also attend a real fruit stand or farmers market. 

produce stand photoshoot baby girl in lemon dress

No matter what you choose, the key is to let them shine in their unique way. From smile sessions to crawling practice, you can capture their milestones while allowing them to wear something fun and cozy. Little boys and girls will look cute in Gerber® Onesies® bodysuits featuring bananas and avocados. We also have plenty of baby bodysuits with cherries and lemon prints for little girls. 

Woven shirts and cotton tees with fruit or vegetable prints will perfectly match white or gray shorts. Neutral-colored pants or matching skorts will create an adorable outfit. Other ideas include baby dresses and rompers featuring summer produce like pears or watermelon. Leave the clothing by itself or accessorize it with shoes and hats. 

Creating an Unforgettable Summer Photoshoot for Baby 

With so many fun ideas for your summer photoshoot, you are sure to be inspired. After selecting your theme, you can brainstorm your backdrop and props. With our Gerber Childrenswear soft and stylish baby clothing, you’ll find it easy to design an adorable look for your family pictures. 

baby girl in strawberry print swimsuit

When it’s time to shop, be sure to select comfortable and moisture-wicking material. Choose those that will keep your baby relaxed and cool. Linen and denim are classic summertime fabrics, while UPF bathing suits and rash guards will keep the baby looking stylish while staying protected from UV rays. Accessories that help to personalize your child’s outfit and block the sun will make sure everyone is joyful during the entire photo session. 

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