Stay Cozy in Winter: The Best Baby Pajamas for Chilly Nights

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As fall turns to winter, the chilly nights will have you reaching for warm baby pajamas and newborn blankets. Every parent wants to buy the coziest PJs for their child! We’ll show you some of the top features and benefits to look for in baby pajamas for winter. A few helpful tips for dressing your baby and the cutest winter baby pajamas from our Gerber® Childrenswear collection will give you peace of mind when dressing your little one.

Understanding Winter Sleepwear for Babies

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Winter sleepwear should be snuggly soft and made with warm, cozy fabrics. The material should let air circulate so it doesn’t trap moisture or sweat. Many of the best infant winter pajamas are made with materials like cotton jersey. This fabric is ultra-plush and has a stretchy quality. With snaps and zippers, you’ll find it easy to quickly take Sleep ‘N Plays on and off. Faster changing and dressing means your little one can stay warm and comfy without losing too much body heat.

Cotton rib is an excellent material for newborn winter sleepwear. It keeps baby gowns breathable so little ones stay snug without sweating. While it’s as comfortable as other winter fabrics, cotton rib is also a first choice for warmer climates. Rib knit is durable so you can wash it over and over again.

Top Features To Look For in Baby Pajamas

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Some must-have features for newborn baby pajamas include footed styles for warmth and front zippers for easier diaper changes. A safety tab over the top of the zipper of our Sleep ‘N Plays promotes comfort while sleeping. Do you notice signs your baby is cold at night, like frequent waking, cool skin, or a balled-up position? For extra warmth, you can add socks or layer or Onesies® brand bodysuits underneath, especially if it’s extra chilly.

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Age-Appropriate Choices: Newborn to Toddlers

It’s essential for newborns to stay cozy in their crib, which is why we recommend the warmest-footed clothing. Dress them in winter baby gowns made with 100% cotton or our versatile Sleep ‘N Plays. Older babies will like the soft, cozy feel of snug-fit footed cotton pajamas. If you have a toddler, try a two-piece pajama set paired with a cozy pair of socks.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Winter Sleep Environment

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Now it’s time to create the perfect sleep environment. Double-check the temperature in your home and keep cribs away from drafty windows. Switch your baby’s sound machine to wintry sounds like a crackling fire or snow falling. Fairy lights or a wintertime projection can be a relaxing sight for your baby before it’s time to drift off to dreamland.

Caring for Baby Pajamas

With our baby pajamas, laundry is stress-free. Pop any of our baby or toddler clothes in the washer and dryer whenever they need cleaning. Less time in the laundry room is just one of the ways you can keep the season bright and merry! Crafted from durable 100% cotton jersey and OEKO-TEX Certified, these winter PJs will ensure lasting comfort throughout the season for your child.

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Showcasing Gerber’s Winter Pajama Collection

With so many warm and soft baby pajamas here at Gerber® Childrenswear, you’ll never have to worry about how to keep your baby warm in the crib. Our footed PJs and comfortable baby gowns will keep your little one nice and relaxed, no matter how chilly the weather. Along with our cute baby clothing, we have plenty of cozy baby blankets for story time or tummy time. Plush blankets and quality baby clothes will let your family enjoy a comfy winter.

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