Everything You Need for Your Second Baby Registry

Every child is special, which is why families like to hold sprinkle showers for a second baby. Some parents have such a large extended network that the festivities may even look more like a traditional baby shower. No matter how you choose to celebrate the second time around, a party is sure to excite everyone, all while helping to prepare you for another member of the family. 

Before your friends start asking you what you will need for your shower, it is helpful to get an idea of what goes on a second baby registry. Thankfully, you do not have to scour the Internet to find what you need. This guide provides you with clear explanations and an easy-to-understand list, just like you had for your first baby shower. The following information also reminds you of the essentials you already have, as well as what kind of baby clothing and infant items are necessary for your newborn. Soon, you will be that much closer to having all of your essentials for your second baby. 

New Baby Clothes 

Some of the infant clothes you received when you had your first baby may look clean and new. If this is the case, feel free to use them. However, there are plenty of bodysuits and pieces of infant sleepwear that will become stained, dull or start to wear out in places by the time another infant joins the family. Do not worry if you need a lot more clothing for your second child. This is common. 

multi-image graphic of babies laying down with text: New Baby Clothes

You will want outfits that make it fast and easy to dress your baby, especially since you have more than one child to get ready in the morning. For this reason, be sure to add plenty of our Onesies® Brand Bodysuits to your second registry. In addition to these timeless, classic and convenient one-piece outfits, your new baby will likely need:

  • Tops: In addition to our bodysuits, your baby will be easier to dress when they have both short sleeve and long sleeve separates in the closet. Look for colorful tops and cute printed shirts that will keep your newborn comfortable and dry enough, no matter the weather. Cotton and 100 percent organic cotton materials are soft and durable enough for every season. They also help to wick moisture which keeps infants cool in the summer. Thermal materials are perfect for long sleeve tops when it gets cold outside. 
  • Bottoms: Leggings, sweatpants and pull-on shorts are some of the best choices for newborns and small babies. Elastic waists and stretchy materials help to make diaper changes simple. Add interchangeable, solid bottoms to your registry to make plenty of stylish outfits with ease. Printed leggings and sweats also look great with solid cotton tops. 
  • Socks and Shoes: It is always wise for parents to add a few multipacks of white socks to the baby registry. Colored socks or neutral hues like tan or gray add a little bit of personality. Since the whole family will be out and about, it is never a bad idea to get some booties or soft shoes. Closed-toed footwear is always the safest. If you are carrying your little one but still want them to be stylish, sandals will make your baby look adorable at the beach or by the pool. 
  • Seasonal Items: While your older child plays or your family travels, it is important to keep your infant protected from the elements. Hats, coats and hooded jackets are all affordable and adorable registry items that every one of your guests will enjoy buying. You can also find cute baby sunglasses, footed pajamas and clothing in thicker, thermal material. 

multi-image graphic of blue and white nursery and sleeping baby with text: Sleeping and Nursery Items

Sleeping and Nursery Items 

Your oldest child may still be using the sleeping and nursery items from their infancy. This is why it helps to take a second look at the most common sleep-related baby registry items for new parents. This list also includes a few of the items for the baby’s room that you will need to buy again, no matter how many children you have. Check if you require: 

  • Pacifiers: Your first baby’s pacifiers will not be in good enough condition to use again. If you like them for naps or sleep, a couple of multipacks will help you to get started. Keep them in a drawer or on the counter for when you arrive home from the hospital. 
  • Crib or bassinet: If your first child is still small enough for a crib or you decided to convert their baby crib to a toddler bed, you may need another crib or bassinet for your second infant. Before you add a certain model to your registry list, decide which product is most affordable for your budget and safest for your newborn. Also, consider if your baby will be sharing a room with you or another little one. This will help you to determine how much space you have for new baby furniture. 
  • Nursery electronics: In addition to these must-have nursery items above, some families will also need a second sound machine or white noise machine. If you are using your baby monitor for your first child, consider whether you will need a second product. Even if your kids sleep in the same room, another monitor can be helpful if one decides to nap in another location or you decide to go on a trip. 

mulit-image graphic of baby changing table and smiling baby in fresh diaper with text: Feeding and Diapering Supplies

Feeding and Diapering Essentials

Every time there is a new baby, parents will require more feeding and diapering essentials. This usually includes nursing-related items and plenty of changing goods for the nursery. Decide if you need any of the following for your second baby: 

  • Hygiene items: Important essentials for meals include burp cloths and bibs for messy mouths. These are also helpful items when learning to eat solids. Since they get dirty, you will probably need plenty more for the second baby. 
  • Diapers and wipes: Grab plenty of wipes, a new wipe dispenser and cloth diapers. Diaper rash cream, changing pad covers and organizing caddies for your mounds of supplies are additional must-have gifts. Keep things clean and hygienic by asking for a new diaper pail in a color that matches the baby’s room. 
  • Additional items: Put a couple of colorful, cute teethers on your registry list. Keep them in the nursery so you are ready to go when your baby begins teething. Many families will also need to add a second high chair. Find a model for newborns that can also be folded away. 

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smiling baby girl laying down and grabbing her feet while wearing bunny towel

Bathing and Hygiene Essentials

When it comes to bathing and general hygiene items, parents will need a set of new baby towels with hoods and plenty of washcloths. You are now doubling up on the soap and tear-free shampoo for two children, so do not be shy about asking for bath time gift sets. 

Many first bathtubs will get moldy or dirty. When there is a chance of growth or mildew in your older child’s tub, add another inexpensive but durable newborn tub to the list. Other useful gifts for a sprinkle shower include fun toys to keep your newborn interested and distracted during bath time and a soft bath mat for the baby to sit on.  

Personalized Baby Items 

Your family can commemorate the addition of the newest child to the family with personalized and keepsake items. Some of the most popular choices include cloth diapers and burp cloths. You can also order books that feature the baby’s name. If some members of your registry party want to have a little fun with their gifts instead of purchasing the run-of-the-mill baby items, ask them to order customized artwork for the nursery. 

Plush blanket in wicker basket embroidered with name "Caroline"

They can also order keepsake blankets featuring the baby’s name, as well as seasonal items like holiday ornaments or garden stones with your little one’s footprint. Besides adding a little creativity to your second baby registry, these presents will take some of the pressure off your wallet. They are also a fun way to let family members begin to bond with your growing little one.  At Gerber Childrenswear, we offer custom embroidery for a variety of items.

Special Accessories for Two Children 

These days, there are many baby essentials and travel items that are specially made for families with two small children. While the list is growing every day, these usually include double strollers, portable Pack-n-Plays with two removable changing tables and more. 

If you are interested in some of these unique gifts, shop around for your favorite furniture and travel products from your most trusted brands. You may also want to look for items at the baby store that are made for twins. There are many items from popular retailers that are designed to accommodate multiple children while making things easier for parents. 

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What to Recycle From Your First Baby Registry 

Every baby registry list can feel overwhelming to create, especially if your sprinkle shower will not feature as many guests as the first one. Even though this experience is different, do not be shy about asking for several items so you won’t have to worry if you will have enough supplies to go around. For one, many of the toys and blankets from your initial shower are probably still new and fresh enough for your second infant. 

Maximize your family’s budget and your convenience by recycling nursery furniture like rocking chairs, ottomans and changing tables. You may also have a newborn car seat or a running stroller that is in excellent condition. If your favorite model has received a safety upgrade or additional features in the recent past, you may still be able to get one. Some stores will provide you with a discount on a newborn car seat if you trade in the old one. If you already have plenty of nursery seating or travel items, tell your family and friends ahead of time. Instead of focusing on these products, they can get what you need from your second registry list. 

sleeping child holds mothers finger

Preparing for Your Second Baby 

It is always a busy time when you are preparing for another addition to your family. Know that you are doing great! There are also plenty of caring people by your side to help you with your journey. Here at Gerber Childrenswear, we can help you and your guests find the baby clothing and must-have accessories that are important to have for a second baby. 

Simply shop our collection of baby boy clothing, baby girl clothing or neutral clothing items for infants. To make shopping as easy as possible, we also have plenty of toddler boy and toddler girl clothing for your older child. Double-check this guide as you add to your second baby registry and then browse around our collection of baby clothes for the garments and accents you would like to add yourself. A special item chosen especially by you could be your second child’s new favorite.