4 Reasons to Have a Baby Shower After Your Baby Is Born

Baby showers are fun but don’t always come at the perfect time. These days, it’s okay to celebrate after the baby arrives. We’re giving you some reasons to have a baby shower after the baby is born! You will discover why parents are having their parties post-delivery. You’ll also learn about the best baby girl or baby boy clothes and how to make the celebration meaningful for your family. 

1. Hold a Casual Celebration 

A casual baby shower lets you include everyone. Plan a fun coed party with simple finger foods and plenty of socializing. Hold the event at your home to make everything easier for your family. As a bonus, you won’t have to think about games or party favors. 

You only need a digital invite or a text message chain to get started. First, pick a date that works for everyone. Then, choose a time that works with your naps or feeding schedule. The event will be low maintenance, and you can easily tend to your baby. Since you know your child’s clothing size, you’ll use your baby shower gifts. New baby boy and baby girl clothes will be helpful because your child can wear them immediately. 

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2. Put the Spotlight on Your Baby  

When you have a party after birth, the spotlight will be on your precious baby. It’s an excellent celebration style for shy parents. You can also get a break to chat with family and friends.  

Let your guests hold your sweet newborn. There will be photo opportunities and friends can hand-deliver presents to your baby. Now that your baby is born, the clothing and accessories will fit your child’s size and personality. 

3. Get Must-Have Baby Essentials 

If you skip the traditional baby shower, you’ll probably purchase newborn essentials like the car seat and baby crib. Not to worry — you can still get the everyday items you need once your baby is born. Some of the most popular products for post-delivery party gifts include cloth diapers and cute baby outfit sets. 

Stock up on books and baby toys. Or ask for toddler clothes and new baby bedding. Before you share your registry list, be sure to delete items you already have. You should also clear the products you don’t need. Feel free to add extra socks or burp cloths to help you replenish. 

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4. Keep Their Gender a Surprise 

Some parents will keep their child’s gender a surprise. If you’re waiting until your baby’s birth to say “boy” or “girl,” you can always ask for baby-neutral clothing. Here at Gerber® Childrenswear, we have adorable unisex sets and outfits. If you’d like, you can also save your gift selections for a shower after your baby is born. 

Go ahead and wait on your baby registry list until you plan the party. Then, share the link once you pick your party date and time. If you add baby clothes and accessories to your list before your child is born, you can make it secret or private. 

When you’re ready, your friends and family will love choosing from baby boy or baby girl clothing. They’ll be excited to know your child’s gender and to shop for something cute. You’ll also love the fresh and fun clothes you get for your baby. 

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A Helpful and Memorable Baby Shower 

The best baby shower is one that fits you and your family. If it’s best to have a party after your child is born, embrace it. Your loved ones will be excited to meet your little one. You’ll celebrate this milestone with those you care about. You’ll also get some baby essentials for your child. 

Whether you need to size up on baby clothing or want more baby blankets, your party guests can help get you what you need. Children grow quickly, so be sure to take plenty of pictures! You’ll look back at how fun it was to gather and celebrate your baby. 

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