Packing for Baby: What to Bring on Your Next Trip

When it’s time to pack for a trip, it might take some adjustments in order to consider your baby. Before you’re tempted to stash all your neutral baby clothes in a suitcase, consider a few variables, such as the location, your baby’s needs and more.

Essentials for Your Baby’s Carry-on Bag

Diapers and Wipes

One of the most consistent tasks of caring for babies is changing their diapers. Keep the diapers and wipes within arm’s reach, especially when you’re traveling. Whether you’re in an airport restroom or taking a road trip break at a rest stop, always keep a diaper mat on hand, as it helps to quickly set up a sanitary changing station. If your baby happens to experience a diaper blowout, it’s always helpful to keep extra newborn baby clothes on hand for a quick cleanup and change as well. Pack disposal diaper baggies in order to discreetly conceal the odors. To maintain the highest level of cleanliness, use a disinfectant spray on the surfaces before and after the diaper change.

Extra Clothing

Babies naturally have spills and accidents. If there’s unexpected plane turbulence or any unexpected motion, this can easily result in babies spitting up on their clothing. Keeping extra cute baby clothing facilitates easy cleanup. It keeps babies clean, sanitary and warm. If you’re traveling for long hours, those dried fluids may carry a stench. Additional clothing and baby wipes make it easy to ward off potential bad smells as you keep your baby comfortable and dry.


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Feeding Supplies

One of the main concerns about traveling on airplanes involves getting through the TSA line with all your items in tow. When you’re traveling with babies, one of the most important items they need is food. Even if you’re a breastfeeding mother, keeping bottles on hand can be convenient and helpful. According to the TSA, it’s OK to travel with more than 3.4 ounces of formula in carry-on bags. This is because breast milk and formula are deemed medically necessary for a baby. Inside your carry-on bag, pack a small cooler bag that carries gel packs (to preserve the milk), formula and bottles. Once you’re in the TSA line, simply remove that small bag in order to get it separately screened and cleared. Try to pack the formula and milk in clear pouches and bottles for an easier time in the TSA line.

Medications and First-aid Kit

Always keep medication in your carry-on bag. If your baby requires a specific prescription, carry it close. It’s also wise to keep a first-aid kit nearby. Place it in your checked bag when it’s time to travel on an airplane because there are plenty of items inside a first-aid kit that TSA won’t clear you to carry on. It will be useful when you arrive at your destination. Pack some extra bandages, a tiny bottle of ointment and a few disinfectant wipes for extra precautions. If you experience an in-flight emergency where a first-aid kit is necessary, call the flight attendant.

Toys and Entertainment

It’s nice to keep entertainment on hand, especially for long flights. Consider the items that typically entertain your baby for longer periods. Try to avoid noise-making toys. Facilitate your baby’s entertainment — pack a tablet or another electronic device and baby-sized headphones. Explore the Gerber Childrenswear Baby Gift Shop for books, blankets, toys and more.

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Packing for Different Types of Trips

Beach Vacation

A beach vacation involves a lot of sand. Sand gets everywhere, so be prepared for cleanup by packing baby items that are easy to clean and quickly rinse off. Pack sunscreen and protective gear for the baby’s eyes and skin so they don’t get sunburned.

When it comes to swimwear for children, Gerber Childrenswear offers a fantastic option. Our swimwear collection for boys and girls is designed with UPF 50+ fabric, providing excellent sun protection for your little ones. With this high UPF rating, you can enjoy a beach vacation while knowing that your child's skin is shielded from harmful UV rays. Plus, we also offer baby shades to protect your baby's eyes from the sun. 

City Trip

A city trip can involve a lot of walking and loud sounds. Pack an extra pair of noise-canceling headphones to help your baby avoid explosive triggers. Additionally, pack a travel-friendly stroller so that you can safely maneuver through the city streets with your baby. A baby wrap can also be a great option if you’d like to keep your baby close to your body as you walk.

Camping Trip

Camping can be tons of fun for all ages. If you’d like to bring your baby along for the ride, be sure to pack layers for the various temperatures you will experience. Be mindful of the influx of insects by securing bug repellent that’s safe for application on a baby’s newborn skin. Since you’ll be spending significant time outdoors, always find ways to provide shade from the sun. You can keep your baby safe from the harsh UV rays with hooded shirts, hats and sunscreen. Additionally, when planning a camping trip with a baby, it's important to consider their footwear. While babies may not be walking yet, it's still essential to protect their delicate feet. 

Road Trip

For a road trip, there’s really no limit to how many amenities you can pack to keep your baby comfortable. Keep their formula, bottles, and food on ice in a cooler. Make sure they’re comfortably strapped inside their car seat. Place baby car window screens on both windows of the backseat. For long road trips in the daytime, the sun can cause harm to their skin. Bright sunlight can also encourage alertness when it’s time for a much-needed nap.

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Tips for Maximizing Luggage Space

To maximize the amount of space in your suitcase, use packing cubes. Label the packing cubes correctly in order to keep track of all items. It’s also wise to roll things instead of folding them. This leaves more space for clothing. When you’re packing, leave room for any items you may pick up during your trip in order to make the trip home more efficient.

Get ready for your trip with essential baby clothing from Gerber Childrenswear! Maximize your luggage space with our versatile outfits that will keep your little one comfortable and stylish on the go. From travel-friendly onesies to adorable rompers, we have everything you need for your baby's journey. Pack smart for a hassle-free trip!

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Don’t Forget About Your Own Essentials

When you’re caring for a baby, it’s easy to let your self-care lapse. Be intentional about packing items that help you get the rest and relaxation you need in order to care for yourself. From favorite snacks to a small sound machine for you and your baby, remember your own essentials as well. If you’re breastfeeding, remember all the comfort items for your breast-pumping process.

Pack Well and See the World

Caring for a baby is no easy feat. However, it doesn’t mean you need to stay put. Take time to get out, see the world and travel with your baby in tow. With these tips, you can become a packing pro and make wonderful memories.

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